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Bulk Voice Call marketing service in Mumbai

Logon Utility helps you give voice to your boring text messages. We provide Bulk voice message service. With our help you will be able to transmit your message vocally to multiple mobile users in Mumbai and other cities of India too.

The audio messages that will be sent are pre-recorded so that you can convey the message on the mobile numbers anywhere in Mumbai as well as other cities of India with a per-recorded voice message by sending in bulk. These Bulk voice message that are to be sent can be completely personalized.  Today’s modern day marketing has chosen voice broadcasting as a promotion medium to reach out to the Indian audience to create a personal touch. You can send these bulk voice messages in local and regional languages. This makes the receiver of the message more comfortable. Even today most people in India cannot talk in English. Hence a lot of big organizations and companies chose bulk voice SMS as a solution to reach out to them in their own language.

Most companies use Bulk Voice Call Campaign or Voice SMS for lead generation, event notifications, political campaign promotions, voter registration, vote reminders, fund raising, service reminders, product promotions, announcements, give reminders like EMI, Insurance premium, Event notification, marketing products & services, meeting alerts, wake up calls, stock alerts, appointments reminders.

Few benefits of Bulk voice message are as follows:

  • Instant broadcast: One can immediately send voice messages to multiple mobile users.
  • Supports multiple languages: One can send bulk voice messages to people in various languages. This can differ from region to region.
  • Agenda for voice campaign: Every voice campaign can have a Adenda and one can send various bulk voice messages targetting various agendas.
  • Literacy hampered hold ability to understand voice SMS: People who cant read and write will also be able to understand voice messages. And so one can target small towns through voice messages.
  • Schedule Voice Campaign : One can schedule when they want to broadcast their bulk voice messages and broadcast only when it’s the right time.

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  • Logon Voice – Solutions and Dynamics
  • Out bound Call Solution
  • Text to Speech & Speech to text Recognition
  • Event & Promotions
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Out Bound Calls

An automated and fast IVR solution for making calls to customers retrieved from existing CRM database. With our outbound service you can call thousands of number simultaneously. Using this facility the sender can reach targeted audience in a smart and efficient way.

Advantages of Voice Broadcast

  • Can Make simultaneous calls with desired prompts at one go.
  • Automated IVR Solution.
  • Records & reports customer response (DTMF).
  • High availability and scalability.
  • Greater Reach – Mobile & Landline user base.
  • Multi language Promotions.
  • Automated – Record once and automated relay of voice recording to pre defined database.
  • Increase in response rate.
  • Recipient has freedom of response.
  • Clarity of communication.

Benefits of Logon Voice Platform

  • Strong Back bone Infrastructure.
  • Supports Out Bound.
  • Can Take 1000+ simultaneous calls instantly.
  • Call to All India Land line or Mobile @ Flat Rates.
  • Pay only for Answered calls .
  • No setup charges No monthly fees.
  • No Hardware or software to buy.
  • Easy Online Management and control with real time reporting.
  • Easy Recording Options – Record and broadcast your own voice easily through our dial-in Record centre. Also upload sound files recorded via computer to our message centre.
  • Auto Redial (three attempts to ensure calling to unanswered calls – optional).
  • Multiple Bulk Dynamic Calls (E.g Payment reminder calls by dynamically reading the outstanding amounts and due dates).
  • Online NDNC Management.

An automated and fast Voice solution for making calls to customers . With our outbound service you can call thousands of number simultaneously. Using this facility the sender can reach targeted audience in a smart and efficient way.

  • Less overhead for CSE as call handling is automated.
  • Rich user experience.
  • Less telephonic infrastructure.
  • Reduction in operational cost.

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