Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is the short message service which provides OTPs, order alerts, booking or some informational messages. It doesn’t deal with the marketing field and has more scope. The bank servers have initially the service ID of the customer to send these messages. The Transactional SMS is the key to security and they are guarded under secure systems, so as not to make any kind of inconvenience, as most of these SMS deal with the withdrawal of money. So, the Transactional SMS is the kind of message that can be used for passing information with respect to any kind of product or service. Today, these services have made a permanent status in the world where different companies make use of it.

For Example

The set of OTPs, order alerts, booking status, bank account status, order alerts, etc. can be the example of Transactional SMS. These are secured under permissions and cannot be sent by any illegal authority.


1. It is the best service provided in terms of sending messages to pass important information to the customer. This ensures reliability in the system and provides a source of satisfaction to the customers. Even the customer can claim (if in any case) for some wrong information provided by the operator.

2. Any kind of eCommerce portal can send the details of the product to be bought from online apps and to make the payment. This again ensures accountability to the users and the user can make secure and satisfied payments. The One-Time Password (OTP) helps in dealing with the same.

3. The Transactional SMS, as the name implies, also keeps a track of all the transactions being held by the respective account. The weekly SMS can provide the required information to the customer. For any wrong transaction, the customer has the right to rebuff the operator.

4. The Bulk SMS service can provide easy delivery of urgent information with no time constraints.

5. The Transactional SMS can be sent to the Do Not Disturb (DND) numbers
The technology today had replaced the ancient use of Eagle as a messenger from one place to another. Today, Short Message Service (SMS) had proved to be boon for the society in every aspect of life. The services provided by the operator for sending messages from one network to another had really changed the concept of communication. Today, we can easily send or receive textual or multimedia format messages. This service opened many subscriptions to various companies. We can even send or receive Bulk SMS
through the social networking platform.

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