SMS Guidelines for Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS are mainly classified as Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS.

The procedure and TRAI guidelines for both Promotional Bulk SMS and Transactional Bulk SMS differ.

SMS Guidelines for Promotional Bulk SMS:

1) Time : SMS Sending Time 9am-9pm

2) Delivery : Not Delivered to DND Numbers (SMS that have been sent to DND nos. will not be charged)

3) Sender ID: You can choose sender ID like LM-663521 without disclosing your 10 digit mobile no.

4) Content: You can send any type of Business SMS.

SMS Guidelines for Transactional Bulk SMS:

1) Validity :Sms validity period 24hours

2) Delivery : SMS will be delivered to  DND numbers also.

3) Sender ID: Your sender ID could be your company name, like LM-MYNAME Sender ID should be of maximum 6 characters (LM-SRISAI)

4) Content: You can send any type of Transactional SMS.

The guidelines issued by TRAI applicable from June 1,2013 are given below:

1. SMS termination charge of 2 paise applicable across networks.

2. Currently only promotional SMS were charged termination cost of 5 paise. Now after the implementation of new regulation, Transactional, Promotional as well as Normal SMS will be charged a termination cost of 5 paise.


The carrier on which the SMS or call originated to the carrier whose subscriber it is delivered pays termination charge. Without any termination charge, the carrier on whose network the SMS terminated would get nothing and yet is expected to deliver the message using its resources. Overall, the SMS termination cost now will be ~7 paise.these are the SMS Guidelines for Bulk SMS

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