Send Bulk SMS for 8 paisa in Mumbai

Send Bulk SMS for 8 paise in Mumbai

Bulk SMS is an effective marketing service. There are lots of business depends on Bulk SMS service for promotional activities because it’s a trusted service.

Bulk SMS marketing is useful for any kind of business like small, large or medium to promote their product, services & offers. You can use Bulk SMS service for international purposes.

There are 3 main factors plays a vital role in Bulk SMS Marketing :-

  • Time: – We know that time is money so we can create a Bulk SMS campaign within 5 minutes to reach 50000 customers at a time.
  • Resources: – We need minimum resources to start SMS campaign like mobile, laptop & internet.
  • Money:- As we mentioned at the top that we provide effective Bulk SMS service at a low cost so you can also save lots of money.

It’s a very cheap method to promote your business and because of regular offers we provide Bulk SMS @8 paisa to our clients with quality service.

Logon utility established in 2014 and continuously provides pocket-friendly services to their clients. If you are looking to enjoy our services then call us on 9136987202 or mail us for best usage.

We have a huge client base across India and serving 25000 clients with quality service. We have robust & user-friendly Bulk SMS software through which you can send SMS easily.

When someone asks why Bulk SMS because there are lots of services which gives results?

Answer: – There are two parts of business promotion one is online Other is offline so Bulk SMS plays a vital role in both of scenario. It’s a fact that 98% of persons read SMS within 5 seconds with or without internet in this mobile phone. So Bulk SMS is the most useful part of marketing.

Bulk SMS marketing is growing day by day because print marketing becomes costly and everyone looking for cheapest solution to earn profit & bulk SMS is proven way.



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