Step 1 : Open a web Browser on your computer system.

Step 2 : Type this Url in search Bar You will land on the home page of the panel.

Step 3 : Click on the login. You will see the sign page. Then enter your login Id & password and click on the sign button.

Step 4 : After successfully login you will land on Dashboard.

  • Dashboard : Here account details, announcement, Quick links, etc. Is available and they are also same as client. So for the more details go into client Section user guide.
Quick links From the dashboard:
  • Dashborad : Same as a client.
  • Send SMS : Same as a Client.
  • Contacts : Same as a client.
  • View DLR : Also Same as a Client.
  • Leads : All the leads Reseller Gets from “ Test Our Gateway “ widgets on the front end white label website can be seen here.
Test our gateway widget

  • Add On services : Completely same as A Client. Nothing New here.
  • Logs : Also Same as a Clients
  • User : Here you can create users | Sub-reseller. But the advance things is that you can Suspend & delete Any account from here.
User Account

Suspended\deleted user are those who are suspended by the reseller. Resellers can suspended any user in their down line. The account may be subjected to suspension\deleted because of payment issue, etc. You can only see your suspended user. Deleted user are no longer in your Panel.

  • Action
  • View account : Here you can see account details of any clients and take action.
  • Sent SMS : use to check Past SMS record.
  • Credit / Debit Account: you can set here transaction type, validity and allot credits.
  • Transaction History : You can check here transaction details.
  • Credits Logs : Use to check Logs.
  • Account Settings : You can set account from here. Like what type of SMS you want to allow your client to send to and allot them.
  • Add-On Settings : you can allow API access to your clients directly from this options.
  • Website: Each reseller can have a unique front end. This feature provides you to manage your front end Data.
  • Website Setting: It has general setting like your company name. Domain name, Help line number, Support email Id, your company Logo & direct links Like: facebook, twitter etc. In test our Gateway widget you can set title, description, route, sender id & SMS text.
  • Sign-Up Setting : In Notification setting you can set or change multiple options to promote your business. Like if someone register himself and try to see your Panel then he can received welcome SMS or Email. New account default values is for if any client want to register himself, then he will receive some demo SMS to test your Panel.

Home : You can make your own home page according to your choice. Here you can Just have to add –

  • Front Page : you just want a Login Box, Or a white label website.
  • Page title : you can name here a page and it will come with the title tag In HTML Page. It will help you in SEO.
  • Meta Keywords : it will also help you with SEO and you can add keywords in Meta Tag.
  • Meta Description : it is little bit kind of same as a Meta keywords but here you have to write something about your work or what you want to show in the web link. When someone search you. This is the kind of SEO thing and shows about your business.
  • Page Headline : This show at the top of the page. It should small and word to word.
  • Page content. Here you can add summary about your page.
  • Banner slide Show : here you can add banner & details about your image which are you use to create a banner.
Edit homepage

  • About : It has the same fileds as home page. But the things is content will shows on the about page and the content show in the home page is different. It will help you in SEO.
  • Pricing : Here you can show the pricing based on the SMS According to your Specific Route. For more About pricing you can read the image too.
  • Contacts : This is for if you want to add contact details of yours. SO if somebody wants to contact you for SMS then he can directly Call you, Mail you or directly visit your office.
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