• Reseller Member Management

Reseller system is an end-to-end solution for distributor with direct connectivity (TPS) and control panel to manage the users and reseller accounts.

The login details provided to the distributors will acts as a Reseller and Reseller can create their own accounts for sub-Reseller.

Following are the facilities provided to the distributers through web interface.

Member management

      • Member management panel is generally used for manipulating the members.
      • Reseller  can add new sub-Reseller or users through this panel but sub-Reseller can add only users through this panel
      • Reseller  or sub-Reseller can activate or inactivate a member account
      • Reseller  or sub-Reseller can check the delivery, schedule and failed reports
      • Details like sender-ids allotted to the particular user can be checked here
      • Reseller  or sub-Reseller can recharge an account to send messages or deduct the message of particular user
      • Sender-Id management
      • Reseller  and sub-Reseller can allot available sender-ids to its user
      • Reseller  and sub-Reseller  can view sender-id list which contains all sender-id allotted to the user
      • Monthly MIS
      • Monthly MIS is used to view the day wise consumption of all the sub-Reseller and users for entire month

Read how to operate reseller management panel at  Reseller Panel User Guide.

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