Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS is a different kind of service which deals with marketing. Asthe name suggests, Promotional means Promotion, which can be said to be a type of advertisement made by various telecom companies. The Promotional SMS can be sent to the new and existing customers only from a respective operator. The new updates and offers with respect to the operator can be provided to the customer via Promotional SMS. In almost every country, the use of Promotional SMS is general, as it has proven to be the effective way for marketing indeed.

For Example

The new offers, discounts, features, scholarships, etc. can be provided interms of Promotional SMS to grow one’s business and provide customers with the best offers in this competitive world.


1. The Promotional SMS is sent through random six-digit sender ID as assigned by the telecom operator. The message can be sent to any random number being existed in their database. Generally, the user cannot reply to the Promotional SMS.

2. The Promotional SMS can only be sent between 9 am to 9 pm with time constraints. The bounded time has no effect on the number of promotions. One can receive as many messages in one day.

3. It is the best marketing effort applied by the company in an effective manner to sell its products. Big companies make their best product to be promoted in the best way.

4. The Normal gateway and high priority facilities are provided by the Promotional SMS service.

5. The Promotional SMS cannot be sent to DND and non-existing numbers. Although only a limited number of these messages can be sent.

Difference between Transactional & Promotional SMS

1. The Transactional SMS is for providing important alerts to the customer and doesn’t have any relation to the marketing field while the Promotional SMS completely deals with the business-related affairs. It makes use of the advertisement to be shared everywhere from customers to customers.

2. The Transactional SMS can be sent to all customers including DNDs but the Promotional SMS has only access to the non-DND numbers. It adds to the disadvantage of Promotional SMS but at the same time, it has the highest advantage in comparison. Also, the Promotional SMS can be sent to any random number provided by the operator.

3. The Transactional SMS is received whenever a request is made on the internet portal to do any kind of payment but the Promotional SMS can also be received without any such requests made by the customer.

4. The Transactional SMS can be received with no time restriction, while Promotional SMS can only be received between 9 am to 9 pm. The time constraint applied to Promotional SMS take them to the point of their disadvantage.

5. The company mostly works with Promotional SMS in order to increase their business in every aspect. The Transactional SMS thereby is secured under high secured systems in order to avoid any mistake or loss to the customer.


The use of SMS had proved that how easily one can connect and share information in both offline and online mode. The Promotional SMS shows the marketing skills which is being carved by advertisement companies. The Transactional SMS provides convenience to the customers regarding their different process, they go through online. Both the services have proven to be boon to the society as well as to the nation. Every day, we are sending and receiving SMS, this is how our life has become easier and lazy. In the advancement of technology, everything goes in a way.

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