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What is Bulk SMS API (Application Programming Interface)?

The term API means Application Programming Interface in which the functions of a computer program like Bulk SMS service can be made accessible to another computer program. This approach is possible by using a standard which is known to programmers of both programs.Send SMS alters, promotional SMS, appointment reminders etc in bulk to your customers via our bulk SMS API service.

The SMS Application Programming Interface (API) is the track to integrate the SMS service on your platforms, such as software, CRM, website, and more. It is the straightforward method to forward automated SMSs directly from your panel. If you will look at the e-commerce sites thoroughly, you will get to know that each e-commerce platform has an integrated SMS API. In this case, the use of SMS API is user verification through One Time Password (OTP).

Example :

When you will go to make any transaction to your e-commerce website, you will be asked for a mobile number verification and after entering the 4 or 6 digits OTP, we will endow to do any online transaction.

How to use for E-commerce platform?

Another use of Bulk SMS API for the e-commerce platform is to forward invoice status, sale time notification, deals for the regular buyer, sending attractive offers, information about the new products or services, etc.

Once installed the Bulk SMS API, you no longer need to log in any application to send Bulk SMS manually. This process will automatically make the process of sending the Bulk SMS.

Here’s the deal

SMS api

What can an SMS API integration do?

    • It sends automated SMS notification at the time of booking.
    • It establishes the unique activation codes that had sent to clients through SMS.
    • It automates the instant SMS notification that had sent in a case of a system failure.
    • It sends automated appointment reminders by using SMS.

The Bulk SMS API can be purchased from any reputed provider that offers API integration facilities where you can have got the options of just copy and paste the simple lines of code. Moreover, the bulk SMS API for developers is available in the different language, such as JAVA, HTML, PHP, NET, and more.

Useful Features of the Bulk SMS API

Logon Bulk SMS API service are one of the most successful result-oriented services in India offering the business clients a Bulk SMS gateway API to the most powerful communication channel. Our popular features include:

Send SMS :This API can send individual and group SMS around 8000 per second with full delivery receipts.

SMS reporting : The Bulk SMS API read your message sent through email or messenger. You can demand the status of any message as well.

Account Management : It keeps the track of your account and read your MMS and SMS balances.

Contact Management : It reads or manages your contacts add new contacts, create and delete the contact groups as well.

Messenger Surveys : It reads the list of surveys and integrates into your website or app.

Notification System : Send SMS alters, promotional SMS, appointment reminders etc in bulk to your customers via our bulk SMS API service.

Bulk Messaging Services : Broadcast your message, product details and other messages to your users, send them app invites, location sharing etc.

Message Queuing : Now send the high volume of messages with just a few clicks. We will queue your SMS and messages and deliver them later on.

Long SMS Concatenation : Need to send SMS longer than 160 characters. Hire us to concatenate long SMS and send them without losing.

Delivery Reports : Get exclusive real time business intelligence for all the delivered and none delivered SMS text being sent.

Bulk Text Messaging : Logon SMS API service end support to multiple Outbound SMS messaging with the single request at cheap prices.

Besides these features, the Bulk SMS API has more features such as Messenger Surveys, Manage delivery reports, Reseller management, Scheduled SMS campaigns, and more. To get information about free SMS API gateway visit our website.

Moreover, the bulk SMS API plays a major role in this competitive world. The more sound SMS API platform you have, the better services will be offered.

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