Do Bulk Sms Really Work To Promote A Start Up?

Nowadays, getting publicity is one of the best ways to earn money and fame; be it either any business or any online website. People are spending money to market their business adopting the best ideas. They are taking help from digital marketing teams, SEO experts and content Bulk SMSwriters to aware people about their business and services. But, this process involves a huge amount of money to spend. Some people don’t go for these money consuming methods to promote their business. For them, bulk SMS marketing is a great way to endorse their business to general public. Bulk SMS marketing services are extremely affordable. Sending SMS to 100’s of people in a single click is a convenient idea to promote start up business.
There are many bulk SMS service provider in Pune which can assist you in promoting your business through the effective methods. These third parties are proficient and help you in receiving maximum response through this method.

Some people think that bulk SMS marketing strategy is not effective because it is not viewed to a large audience like internet classifieds do. But, this is not true, bulk SMS service really work well to promote start up business. According to a survey, it is estimated that “bulk SMS service are more effective as compared to classifieds. Majority of people read these bulk SMS’s and responds them too.” There are many other benefits of Bulk SMS marketing which are as follows:

Time Saving

Through this service, you don’t have to create different SMS’s to send people. One can create a simple SMS with quality content and send it to multiple people with a single click.

Target Audience

If you are sending SMS by creating groups according to gender, age, interest, then the chances of getting response increases. Sending bulk SMS through this method will enhance your knowledge about the target audience.


This marketing strategy is affordable and not involves any wastage of resource like paper wastage. You don’t need brochures, newspapers and magazines to aware people. This is a good choice for start-up business.

You can track the results

It will report you about the status of your business success. The report tracking option helps you in getting estimation about the response and interest of people in your business and services.

The above benefits are really effective for your start up business if you are switching to Bulk SMS marketing strategy. Hope! it will help you.

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