Customers feels secure with our Bulk SMS service

Why do customers feels Secure with our Bulk SMS service ?

When we speak to a new customer at logon Utility often we are asked what are the advantages of having Bulk sms service as apposed to various other services that are available . To that our answer is that For every business whether it is online or offline, it is the part of business to promotion to advertise and reach out to the prospective customers. Earlier there were various forms of of marketing that existed such as audio, video and print medium. Today the prices of these medium have significantly gone up. It is no more a viable proposition to advertise through these medium and so it is important to explore other mediums which are more viable to Business. Apart from that there are other various advantages to using Bulk SMS.


5 advantages of using Bulk SMS Service are as follows:

1) Open Rates

98% of the messages that get sent are read by the customer. Which is a good news as far as the advertisers go. This medieum ensures that the message I sent to the prospective customer and not just that but also that it gets read by the prospective customer.

2) Cheaper and High Return

In Comparison to other forms of advertising medieum available out there, sending Bulk sms is a cost effective medieum. Also because of the high open rates offered by this medium it becomes extremely cost effective to the marketer.

3) Speed and Flexibility

A single message can be delivered to thousands of customers in a matter of few seconds. Dynamics of business are changing very fast and so it becomes important to cope with the changes. Business need to communicate with the customers from time to time for various reasons such as offers, schemes or even feedback .  Sending bulk sms ensures that the messages are delivered to the prospective customers in the minimum time possible.

4) Targeting is possible

Every business has a specific target audience. With Bulk sms as a platform the data base that needs to be sent a message to can be specifically targeted. This targeting can be based on various parameters such as Age, location, ethnicity. The database if is filtered well can reach only the prospective customers.

5) Personalisation

The best part about sending a Bulk sms is that they can be personalized to the recipient . To try and achieve this level of personalisation in any other form of marketing would be a very costly exercise. With bulk SMS however, it can be done for almost no extra cost as well as having a uniquely powerful impact on the recipient.


These are the various benefits of Associating with Bulk Sms as a service.

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