Guide for Client Users

Step 1:- Open a Web browser on your Computer System

Step 2:- Type this URL in search bar


Step 3:- You Will See the Sign-in Page. Then Enter your Login ID & Password and Click on the Sign in Button.

If You are a First time user then Activate you Bulk SMS Panel Account By simply registration and for that you have to click on Create Account

New user registration

First you have to select an account type ( What kind of account do you want to create like reseller or client ) then fill this form and click on the sign up button. Then you again land on the sign-in Page.

Now you have an account so you can login in the panel. In Case you forget your Password then recover your credentials in one easy step. Click on the “forget your password” and submit your email ID and then again click on the send password button. The new password will be send in your email ID.

Retrieve password

Step 4:- After Successfully Login you will land On Dashboard.


  1.  Dashboard :-
  • Here you can see your accounts details on the top left corner of the dashboard. You can check your balance with Validity and edit your profile.


    • You can see the Announcement at the top of the Dashboard. For any message which Logon Utility wants to say you regarding services issue, Festival wishes and many more.
  • Quick Links are also available for :- Send SMS, Contacts, View DLR, SMS Send this week/ Month, Expenses/Refund in this Month.

Quick links


  • Graphs :- There is a two types of graphs are also available. Which Shows the ratio of the type of SMS ( text, Flash, Unicode, WAP-Push, Vcard, Dynamic )


  • Latest Campaigns :- Which includes details of campaign date, SMS text, Quantity and action. If you click on View, then you can see DLR reports.


  • Latest Transactions:- You can check here transaction date, amount, expiry date and type of Transaction.

latest transaction

  • Quick Links From the Dashboard:-
  1. MessagingSend SMS :-If you click on the send sms then you will Land on the page of MESSAGING.


Here you can see all the messaging options like:-

    • Select Campaign :- Default Campaign
    • Choose Coverage :- India ( +91 )
  • SMS routes :- You Can Choose routes from here for Sending SMS.

Selected Routes and available SMS show that the Route you Selected have how much SMSs left to shoot.


  • SMS Recipient(S)

Enter Mobile Number:- in this box you have to enter numbers on which you want to send SMS and numbers are separated by the enter for Example:

SMS Recipient

  • These are the filters which are used to filters the mobile numbers. If you don’t want to remove/filters anything from the numbers you enter then you can uncheck the box.
  • Select Contact Group :- If you have contact Groups, then you can directly add from there
  • Select File:- This is used to upload the file. If you have already a file with ext .xlsx, ods, txt cvs & xls of contact numbers , then you can directly upload the file and start campaigning.
  • For the further details you can click on File Data instruction

Enter data

    • SMS Content :-
  • Select SMS Type:- Here you can select the type of SMS you want to send like:

             Text: it’s just a simple text message

             Flash: it sends directly to the display

             WAP-Push: Its include a direct link to the web site.

             V-card: it’s just a business card

             Unicode: its a multiple language SMS type

            Dynamic: Use to personalize the SMS

  • Enter SMS content:- Enter content for SMS. You can use SMS templates and save some time. You can Also see below the SMS box number of words so have the number of words in mind too.
  • Schedule SMS:- This is for you want to send SMS now or later. Send in long course: you can divide a campaign into multiple batches and select time and day. This is for in case you want to send an SMS again and again after a Particular time and day.


  • If you want to see the sms before sending then you can click on preview SMS.

SMS Preview

  • Sender ID Management :- Here you can Manage All Sender ID which you are going to use for sending SMS.
  • Add New sender ID :- Here you can give 6digit Alphabets for creating a new sender ID.



  • SMS Templates: Here you can see template’s details like the name of the templates, what kind of content do you have in the templates and the action you want to preform.

18Here you can give the name of the templates which is known as title and the description of the templates in a particular format. Example:- Hi {name}, your account expires on{date}

  • Contacts: When you click on contacts, then you will land on the page of contact Management.
  • Contact Management: Here you can see all the details about your contacts with the with the sequence number like their contact number, Name, Email Id & Group, Operator, Status ( Enable or Disable ) etc. You can edit, add or remove them here.


  • Add new contact: You can add new contacts from here via using this form.

add contact

  • Import Contacts: After selecting the contact group you can directly import/attach contacts from the given option via using txt, xlsx, csv, xls, & ods.


  • Groups:
  • Contact Groups:-You can manage contact groups here, but first you have to create contacts groups.

add groupYou can simply add new group from here.

  • View DLR
  • Delivery Reports: You can see delivery reports here like send SMS time. SMS route, SMS text, Number of SMS, Charges Etc. You can also filter DLR reports for a particular Campaign and a particular date. You can also export DLR reports if you want.


delivery reports

  • Scheduled Campaigns:

Schedule campaigns

  • Transactions: Here you can see your account transactions details. Example :
    1.  Transaction type: Credit or Debit
    1. Balance- SMS balance in the account
    1. Expiry- Validity of your account
    1. Transaction Date- when your transaction done
  1. Transaction Id – id of your Transaction


  • SMS Statistics :- Here you can see in the form of graph how much SMS are pending, How much delivered and failed. You can see daily, weekly and monthly reports. You can also see the Traffic here.Add On Services :
  • HTTP & XML API: You can use of API to send SMS from a third party application. Our APIs are platform independent and can be implemented in various programming languages ( c#, Java, VB, .net, PHP etc). We support both get & post methods for API.

API documentation is provided on the API-Page itself, it has all the details of required parameters, sample URL, sample code in PHP etc. API & its implementations are meant for programmers & developers, Following are the API supported by our APP:

    • HTTP API:
    • Text SMS API – get and post supported
    • Flash SMS API – get and post supported
    • WAP-Push SMS API – get and post supported
    • Vcard SMS API – get and post supported
    • Unicode SMS API – get and post supported
    • Credit Balance API- only get supported
    • Delivery Report API – only get supported
  • API Key Retrieval – Only get supported


    • XML API
    • HTTP API:
    • Text SMS API – get and post supported
    • Flash SMS API – get and post supported
    • WAP-Push SMS API – get and post supported
    • Vcard SMS API – get and post supported
    • Unicode SMS API – get and post supported
    • Credit Balance API- only get supported
    • Delivery Report API – only get supported
  • API Key Retrieval – Only get supported


    • Logs
  • Refund : Here you can check all the refund details according to the campaigns.


  • Credits : Here you can see all the credits details like refunds, add credits, remove of credits, It’s kind of detailed transaction and you can also see the comments.