Difference between a Transactional SMS and A Promotional SMS

In today’s world, we see that the way we communicate with each other has changed a lot and this is the reason why communication has become so quick. When we talk about text messages, it is the most affordable and quick way to communicate with people who are sitting in the different parts of the world. The service of SMS is not only effective when we talk about the personal use of it is also very effective when we talk about the professional use.

Transactional & promotional SMS

Have you ever noticed that whenever you do a transaction online or you take money from your ATM, there is a message which comes on your mobile phone within the seconds when a transaction happens? These messages are generally sent by banks or insurance companies to tell the clients about the transactions which take place on their accounts.

The transactional messages which are sent to all the customers for passing important information related to the account a person:

The message is sent by a bank to all the account holders about the details of their accounts. This also means providing the information on the details of the account balance and the debit and credit amount as well.

The messages which are sent by companies to tell their customers about the invoice amount.
So, basically, the transactional SMSes are for the purpose of giving information about the details of their accounts and the regular updates as well.

As compared to the transactional SMS, promotional SMSes prove very helpful when it comes to promoting the product and services of a company. Promotional SMSes are very helpful in telling people about various promotional offers which are provided by a company, there is bulk SMS reseller who provides the services of sending promotional messages so that a company can easily promote its business.

The promotional SMSes which a company sends need to be effective so that they can easily catch the attention of people who are planning to buy some particular product or services. With the help of a bulk SMS reseller, you, as a business owner can easily ensure that they can update their potential customers with all the new offers.

So, if you are into a business, then promotional messages can help you achieve your business goals in an easy and efficient manner as this is considered as the quickest and affordable way to promote a business.

A Strategy That Is Well Planned – Bulk SMS Marketing

The modern world is filled with people who feel a constant need to be quick and on the move. People give more preference to everything that is fast even when it comes to food, this implies that in the modern times strategies for marketing and sales should be planned in such a way that the potential clientele is targeted in a way that they are conveniently informed about a product without disturbing their regular lifestyle and pace of work. Use of Bulk SMS is a method that may be able to target the issue in the most tactful manner. People across all strata and positions tend to have a basic or an advanced mobile phone and receiving a message does not cost any money, this means that the kind of people that need to be targeted can easily be sent a short message about the product or service that is marketed and the prospective client may be led to the company to patronize, without putting in much effort or cost. Getting the service is also an easy solution with the availability of  Bulk SMS Delhi Company and firms that offer the services.

Bulk SMS marketing

The SMS service also helps as an effective marketing tool because of the fact that the message safely remains in the mobile of the prospects. The information does not get erased or lost on its own and may be accessible to the client without having to put in any extra money as in the case of mobile internet data. The limit for the number of words that are sent in a single message also helps in keeping the marketing style crisp and to the point, which means that the strategy becomes all the more believable as well as comprehensible. A Delhi bulk SMS company would be able to help in the process of marketing by ensuring that the number of people with which the marketing campaign manages to connect is maximized with the help of the new age marketing method. With the innovation in marketing methods, it is possible to make sure that the reach of the product or service is increased and the people who seek availability of the products or service may be able to access them with more ease.

SMS Guidelines for Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS are mainly classified as Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS.

The procedure and TRAI guidelines for both Promotional Bulk SMS and Transactional Bulk SMS differ.

SMS Guidelines for Promotional Bulk SMS:

1) Time : SMS Sending Time 9am-9pm

2) Delivery : Not Delivered to DND Numbers (SMS that have been sent to DND nos. will not be charged)

3) Sender ID: You can choose sender ID like LM-663521 without disclosing your 10 digit mobile no.

4) Content: You can send any type of Business SMS.

SMS Guidelines for Transactional Bulk SMS:

1) Validity :Sms validity period 24hours

2) Delivery : SMS will be delivered to  DND numbers also.

3) Sender ID: Your sender ID could be your company name, like LM-MYNAME Sender ID should be of maximum 6 characters (LM-SRISAI)

4) Content: You can send any type of Transactional SMS.

The guidelines issued by TRAI applicable from June 1,2013 are given below:

1. SMS termination charge of 2 paise applicable across networks.

2. Currently only promotional SMS were charged termination cost of 5 paise. Now after the implementation of new regulation, Transactional, Promotional as well as Normal SMS will be charged a termination cost of 5 paise.


The carrier on which the SMS or call originated to the carrier whose subscriber it is delivered pays termination charge. Without any termination charge, the carrier on whose network the SMS terminated would get nothing and yet is expected to deliver the message using its resources. Overall, the SMS termination cost now will be ~7 paise.these are the SMS Guidelines for Bulk SMS

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