Cheap rated & reliable marketing in 2019 Via Bulk SMS

Cheap rated & reliable marketing in 2019 Via Bulk SMS

If you are looking way to reach the maximum customer at the lowest price then Bulk SMS provider in Mumbai is the best option. Bulk SMS provider in Mumbai is the most affordable marketing tool starting from 0.8 paise; no other marketing medium can give a promotion at such a low cost. In today’s time, every person has a mobile device so we can easily reach all segment people through bulk SMS Mumbai.

We have the database with different sector category, to provide a better accurate result with the help of our online tool, bulk SMS Mumbai. Its very simple to use our bulk SMS Mumbai tool, it can be accessed anywhere anytime. No, IT knowledge is required to use this bulk SMS Mumbai software, what we need to do is, upload all mobile number database into an excel sheet and compose your SMS click send.

You can reach all your customers using our software bulk SMS Mumbai. All business class can use our bulk SMS Mumbai software to promote their products. Starting from a small company to MNC our bulk SMS Mumbai software will be helpful.

Bulk SMS Service Providers in Mumbai

Logon Utility provides bulk SMS at very low cost and reliable bulk SMS in Mumbai. To sign up with Logon Utility is a very easy process, call us 8452059898 and tell your requirement, we will guide you, make the payment your service will be activated in 1 hour time start enjoying bulk SMS Mumbai service.

We have a huge client base in West India, Logon Utility provide 100% after service support so clients keep coming to Logon Utility. Our bulk SMS software can send SMS to any mobile in India. Logon Utility Mumbai uses multiple operate the route to send messages.

We provide Bulk SMS service in Mumbai in two different ways one is marketing SMS Mumbai and another is transactional SMS Mumbai. Normally marketing is used to promote a product to unknown people, and transactional bulk SMS is used to promote your product only to your client.

Apart from this two bulk SMS marketing tools, there is another different way to promote your product through bulk SMS, they are two-way bulk SMS, voice bulk SMS Mumbai, flash bulk SMS, regional language messages.

If you want to trigger bulk SMS from your software, we do provide service for that, you send SMS using our HTML and XML API. Using this API we can trigger bulk SMS.

Benefits of Bulk SMS

  • Cost effective when compared to all other marketing media, bulk
    SMS Mumbai starts from 0.8 paise.
  • Bulk SMS Mumbai reaches all customers; customers can view the ads anytime since its going to be on their phone.
  • You don’t need to pay separately regional wise, bulk SMS Mumbai reaches nationally.
  • You will receive a detailed information about bulk SMS delivery, the report will have the number of messages sent, number SMS delivered, the SMS error report
  • People carry mobile phones wherever they go, but its difficult to carry other marketing media like TV, radio, paper.
  • It’s easier for your customers to get back to you since you have your contact number in bulk SMS, so they can call straight away from their SMS.
  • No infrastructure is needed to send bulk SMS, just a computer with basic Internet is more than enough.

Why choose Logon Utility for marketing purpose:-

  • More than 1000 of client’s national wide, most of the clients are from West India.
  • We have provided SMS to all segment business people like education, industry, hospital, trading, and manufacture.
  • Our SMS will be delivered in no time. We have the high-speed server.
  • User-friendly bulk SMS Mumbai, bulk SMS can be accessed by anyone.
  • We provide bulk SMS at very affordable price in the market.
  • We are the leaders in the market of Bulk SMS and serving you better is always our Only Goal.
  • We provide the best customer support service.

Long Code Bulk SMS

Long Code Bulk SMS service for Mumbai and rest of India

Long Code Bulk SMS service for Mumbai and the rest of the country is another innovative service from Logon Utility.

LOGON UTILITY Provides long code/ virtual number service that lets two- way communications through messaging. With long-code services, companies are equipped with two-way messaging /SMS capabilities using the familiar 10 digits mobile number.

Long codes are nothing but a 10 Digit Virtual Mobile Number to which a user can send a text SMS to interact with applications and get the required response.

It helps you to cut down the cost of sending messages to your end users and gives you all features similar to a 5 Digit Short Code Number.

Unlike Shortcodes, which are accessible only in Mumbai, India, SMS Virtual Numbers are globally/internationally accessible and an end user can send a message to virtual mobile number at normal SMS charges.

In case you want to have your own dedicated Long code Bulk SMS (Long code) number then you can fix any premium number and use that as your SMS long code number.

SMS Long code will help you to make 2 way SMS gateway for your needs; our cutting edge technology not only makes your communication method fast but also helps you to cut down the amount of pulling data from your server.

At Logon Utility, we can provide our customers with an SMS Virtual Number from any telecom operator circle (State) in India. We not only provide but also manage the Virtual number with 99.9% uptime and 24×7 customer technical support.

Features of Long code Service by LOGON UTILITY:

  • Real-Time Web-Based Reporting
  • SMS Forwarding/sending [optional] (10P per forwarding, will be sent in India only)
  • No Data will Loss, in case your URL is down, our system will send an email to you and will retry posting data/information and you check the data in Control panel
  • SMS received in a month up to 5000 free (based on your package) 99.09% Uptime
  • Control panel to view responses
  • Customizable response message

Where SMS Longcode can be used?

  • Online Recharges.
  • Where SMS number is printed on the promotional activity or advertisement
  • Where communication is done within internally company’s staffs for information sharing Day Report submission to head office by an employee
  • Updated price list of company products.
  • Integration with any web application
  • Checking stock status.
  • Result on request to parents.
  • Integration with any web application.
  • Feedback SMS for bulk mailings or promotional activities
  • 2-way communication with service engineers, sales forces, other teams and suppliers
  • Reply path to online tools, websites and software packages
  • Product feedbacks, campaigns, and promotions
  • Reception of messages for companies wishing to interact with consumers
  • Global/Domestic availability of numbers for international companies and events

B2B Bulk SMS service provider

Logon Utility is India’s largest B2B (Business to Business) Bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai. Advancement of the technology (Bulk SMS Marketing) has justified being a blessing for businesses of all sorts. The facility of Bulk SMS has brought a drastic revolution in the way businesses were marketed until a few time back.

India’s largest B2B Bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai

  • Attractive way & affordable:- This is the time to explore new ways of marketing. This has only opened an attractive & pocket-friendly new arena of communication mode. Mobiles have become the most common communication mode to connect across the world (Bulk SMS).
  • Top class service:- Every other individual, today, has a Smartphone. Nothing can be better than sending Bulk SMS to their customers. We are Logon Utility, one of the top Bulk SMS Providers in Mumbai of this amazing facility. We are based in Mumbai and offer effective and efficient services to clients’ spread across the globe. We provide Bulk SMS/email/Voice to OPT-IN Subscribers Only.
  • Top class service:- Every other individual, today, has a Smartphone. Nothing can be better than sending Bulk SMS to their customers. We are Logon Utility, one of the top Bulk SMS Providers in Mumbai of this amazing facility. We are based in Mumbai and offer effective and efficient services to clients’ spread across the globe. We provide Bulk SMS/email/Voice to OPT-IN Subscribers Only.
  • Largest medium to connect:- We are one of the leading and largest B2B Bulk SMS provider s in India. We have various options using for you to stay connected with your target audience, customers, industry persons, and employees. We make sure that a buzz is created about your products, brand, and services. Choosing our services, you can be rest assured to revamp and reinvention of your Bulk SMS campaign so that you can reach out to the maximum potential customers. The notion of sending Bulk SMS is soon gaining appreciation & popularity in India.
  • Update your clients frequently:- You can update your clients about any of your products and services. We offer promoters powerful, yet easy to use, Bulk SMS marketing services for event and party promotions. We also offer Bulk SMS marketing solutions for trade show and exhibition producers, as well as festivals in Mumbai, Bangalore as well as rest of India.
  • High-quality marketing way:- Unlike traditional modes of marketing, bulk SMS marketing service requires very little human support as it makes use of the ever-advancing technologies. We are the largest B2B Bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai and offer Cheap Bulk SMS service which not only involves sending messages but also adding and editing contacts, composing messages and so on. We are known for our high-quality marketing services, which we offer at very low rates.
  • Why we?:- The reason why we are India’s largest B2B Bulk SMS service provider based in Mumbai is that we have excellent and timely delivery of the Bulk SMS we send out. We also use the filtered database for our B2B customers. Call us today on +91- 9136987202 for best price and discounts..


Update TRAI guidelines/rules for Bulk SMS in 2018

Bulk SMS marketing is mainly classified as Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS.

The procedure and TRAI guidelines for both Promotional Bulk SMS a Transactional Bulk SMS are different.

SMS Guidelines for Promotional Bulk SMS:

1) Time : SMS Sending Time 9am-9pm

2) Delivery: Not Delivered to DND Numbers (SMS that has been sent to DND nos. will not be charged)

3) Sender ID: You can choose sender ID like LM-663521 without disclosing your 10 digit mobile no.

4) Content: You can send any type of Business SMS.

SMS Guidelines for Transactional Bulk SMS:

1) Validity: SMS validity period 24 hours

2) Delivery: SMS will be delivered to DND numbers also. (Effective benefit)

3) Sender ID: Your sender ID could be your company name like LM-MYNAME Sender ID should be of maximum 6 characters (LM-LGNUTI)

4) Content: You can also send any type of Transactional SMS.

The guidelines issued by TRAI applicable from June 1,2013 are given below:

1. SMS termination charge of 2 paise applicable across networks.

2. Currently, only Promotional SMS were charged termination cost of 5 paise. Now after the implementation of new regulation & guidelines, Transactional, Promotional as well as Normal messages will be charged a termination cost of 5 paise.



The carrier on which the SMS or call originated to the carrier whose subscriber it is delivered pays termination charge. Without any termination cost, the carrier on whose network the SMS terminated would get nothing and yet is expected to deliver the message using its resources. Overall, the SMS termination amount now will be ~7 paise. These are the messaging Guidelines for Bulk SMS

Why customers do feel Secure with our Bulk SMS service?

Question:- When customers come to us that there are many questions in his mind like
if there are many marketing services available than why I choose SMS
service to promote my business?


Answer: – Marketing can be online or offline and Bulk SMS is the only way to reach people offline and it’s also pocket-friendly service. If any even never deliver than you will also get a refund so it’s beneficial for you.

Earlier there were various forms of marketing that existed such as audio, video, animation and print medium. Today the rates of these mediums have significantly gone high. It is no more a viable proposition to promote through these medium and so it is important to explore other sources which are more viable to startup/business. Apart from that, there are other various benefits to using Bulk SMS.

5 advantages of using Bulk SMS marketing are as follows:

  • Open Rates
  • Cheaper and High Return
  • Speed and Flexibility
  • Targeting is possible
  • Personalization

1) Open Rates

Almost 96% SMS sent by us read by our recipients. Which is better news as far as the advertisers go? This source ensures that the message I sent to the prospective client and not just that but also that it gets read by the prospective client.

2) Cheaper and High Return

in Comparison with other forms of advertising mediums available out there, sending Bulk SMS is a cost-effective medium. Also because of the high open rates offered by this medium, it becomes extremely cost-effective to the marketer.

3) Speed and Flexibility

A single SMS can be delivered to thousands of customers in a matter of a few seconds. Dynamics of business & marketing trends in 2018 are changing very fast and so it becomes important to cope with the changes.

Business needs to communicate with clients from time to time for various reasons such as offers, schemes, discounts or even feedback. Sending bulk SMS ensures that the messages reach to the prospective customers in less time.

4) Targeting is possible

Every business has a specific target audience like age group, location, gender & requirements. With Bulk SMS marketing as a platform the database that needs to be sent a message to can be specifically targeted. This targeting can be based on various parameters such as Age, location, demand, and ethnicity. The database if is sorted well can reach only the needy customers.

5) Personalization

The best part about sending a Bulk message service is that they can be personalized to the recipient. To try and achieve this level of personalization in any other form of marketing would be a very costly practice. With bulk SMS however, it can be done for almost no cost as well as having a uniquely powerful impact on the customer.


These are the various benefits of Associating with Bulk SMS/Messaging service.

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Best Bulk SMS service in Mumbai

Logon Utility provides best & pocket-friendly Bulk SMS service in Mumbai in 2018. To sign up with Logon Utility is very easy, call us 8452059898 and tell your need, we will guide you, make the payment your service will be activated in 1-hour time start using our Bulk SMS service.

Logon Utility has a huge client base in India; Logon Utility provides 100% after service support so clients keep coming to Logon Utility. Our bulk SMS software can send SMS to any mobile in India. Logon Utility uses multiple operate the route to send bulk SMS.

best bulk sms service in mumbai

Cheapest, fastest & trusted Bulk SMS service provider:-

The best part about our company is that we value our customers and understand that every client is unique and so is his requirement. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that our clients are happy with our services.

In today’s world, it’s important to retain the client’s attention at all time. Bulk SMS serves as a good medium to keep connecting with your target audience at all time. There are also various reasons that Bulk SMS is preferred over other Marketing techniques which are more costly.

Companies need to Use Bulk SMS Marketing to grow your business by providing service or sell your products in Mumbai, send bulk SMS to introduce new products/services and reach out to their clients.

Why do customers feel Secure with our Bulk SMS service? When we speak to a new customer at logon Utility often we are asked what are the advantages of having Bulk sms service as opposed to various other services that are available. To that our answer is that For every business whether it is online or offline, it is the part of the business to promotion to advertise and reach out to the prospective customers. Hence Logon Utility provides Best Bulk SMS service in Mumbai.

Increase brand awareness:- Bulk SMS Marketing can be used in different ways. It is suitable for multiple objectives such as increasing brand awareness, get genuine business leads, expanding customer base and improve sales. SMS can reach large groups of people at one time, but also by adding the variables yet personal.

Out of all the different companies which offer Bulk SMS service Logon Utility is most trusted with robust Bulk SMS Gateway API because of various reasons such as the quality of the database used.

Free Database:- We filter the database to meet the need and requirement of the customer also the server through which we route our messages ensures that the message is delivered to the correct people and at the given time.

Why clients do feel Secure with our Bulk SMS service? When we speak to new clients at logon Utility often we are asked what are the advantages of having Bulk SMS service as opposed to various other services that are available. To that our answer is that for every business whether it is online or offline, it is the part of the business to promotion to advertise and reach out the accurate customers. Hence Logon Utility Company provides Best Bulk SMS service in Mumbai.

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Bulk SMS vendors – helps to plan your success


Bulk SMS marketing vendors

Not many years ago, schools, event planners, colleges, companies sent newsletters, circulars or notices to parents or customers to inform or remind them about meetings, events & their future projects etc. But now with Bulk SMS Marketing vendors, they can now be informed directly via messaging/SMS.

In today’s world where the prices are touching the maximum height, Bulk SMS marketing vendors are a big relief. Where agencies are trying to reduce their marketing budgets and cut costs Bulk SMS vendors in Mumbai can be of great

Companies can go for a fast, reliable and highly cost-effective tool for marketing called “Bulk SMS Marketing”.  With the help of Bulk SMS Marketing Vendors, one can send the same message to thousands of customers at a stretch without copying it again and by just clicking one button.

This will help the clients by:

·      Customized messaging application

·      Secured access within an infrastructure

·      Advanced delivery mechanism (scheduling, retry SMS etc.)

·      Multiple interface support

·      Sender ID masking

Why we use online Bulk SMS Marketing Vendors if we use your mobile phone to send sms?

Sending bulk SMS messages through mobiles have many problems, they are not cost effective, typing messages on mobile is the time-consuming process, and Take time to send it to many peoples and selecting recipient is also difficult. Since they are targeting a large volume of people, hence they need software or tool that can send SMS too many people. They require a tool which is able to send messages in bulk and in this way help them to promote their product/service and save their costs and time. Bulk SMS is sending or receiving messages (Text/voice) in large volume i.e. SMS in bulk.

The benefit of bulk SMS is that one single SMS can be sent to a group/circle in a single shot and in very short time (in minutes only). Due to its low cost, the trend of Bulk SMS messaging in India is increasing day by day and so are the bulk SMS marketing vendors in Mumbai.

There are some services available which allow sending free SMS in India to local customers. These services also offer group SMS services for marketing in which a single message can be sent to a group at a time.

Click for more:- Bulk Messaging senders

Send Bulk SMS for 8 paisa in Mumbai

Send Bulk SMS for 8 paise in Mumbai

Bulk SMS is an effective marketing service. There are lots of business depends on Bulk SMS service for promotional activities because it’s a trusted service.

Bulk SMS marketing is useful for any kind of business like small, large or medium to promote their product, services & offers. You can use Bulk SMS service for international purposes.

There are 3 main factors plays a vital role in Bulk SMS Marketing :-

  • Time: – We know that time is money so we can create a Bulk SMS campaign within 5 minutes to reach 50000 customers at a time.
  • Resources: – We need minimum resources to start SMS campaign like mobile, laptop & internet.
  • Money:- As we mentioned at the top that we provide effective Bulk SMS service at a low cost so you can also save lots of money.

It’s a very cheap method to promote your business and because of regular offers we provide Bulk SMS @8 paisa to our clients with quality service.

Logon utility established in 2014 and continuously provides pocket-friendly services to their clients. If you are looking to enjoy our services then call us on 9136987202 or mail us for best usage.

We have a huge client base across India and serving 25000 clients with quality service. We have robust & user-friendly Bulk SMS software through which you can send SMS easily.

When someone asks why Bulk SMS because there are lots of services which gives results?

Answer: – There are two parts of business promotion one is online Other is offline so Bulk SMS plays a vital role in both of scenario. It’s a fact that 98% of persons read SMS within 5 seconds with or without internet in this mobile phone. So Bulk SMS is the most useful part of marketing.

Bulk SMS marketing is growing day by day because print marketing becomes costly and everyone looking for cheapest solution to earn profit & bulk SMS is proven way.



Benefits of Bulk SMS in 2018

Benefits of Bulk SMS service are as follows.

There are various mediums of marketing or promote your business available today. One of the best ways is Bulk SMS Marketing in 2018.T here are lots of advantages of sending Bulk SMS through mobile. Bulk SMS is one of the
topmost ways of sending messages to your target location with the audience in the shortest possible time.

Bulk SMS marketing is popular nowadays in 2018 because this helps to reach the right audiences at the right time &  right location. Via Bulk SMS we can filter our target location, age group, gender & desired industry. You can
customize your campaign according to your need.

There are several benefits of Bulk SMS service now a day’s which are as follows.

  • Quick Open rate
  • Flexible & speedy
  • Maximum ROI
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Target exact audience


  • Quick open rate: – 96% SMS read by the recipient within 5 seconds is the most quality advantage of Bulk SMS service nowadays. If you are looking to do smart marketing than prefer our SMS service.
  • Flexible & speedy: – Bulk SMS service is flexible to everyone means the average person can handle his/her panel to send SMS. Logon Utility has premium Bulk SMS software through which SMS reached to the destination with 5 seconds after the campaign.
  • Maximum ROI: – You can launch SMS campaign in quick time and get maximum return on investment. This is the best service for small-scale businesses to reach more audiences in 2018.
  • Pocket-friendly: – Logon utility provides cheap rated service in India with quality service. Get maximum leads from your industry via paying a minimum amount.
  • Target exact audience: – You can target to both known and unknown audiences at the same time. Sending SMS to the target location is the best way to reach more customers.

Some notable things about sending SMS:-

  • One of the key features of sending a bulk SMS in 2018 is that you get a delivery report of how successful your campaign has been.
  • You get on time information about how many audiences received your message.
  • Sending bulk SMS to your target peoples serves as a platform for the business to stay in touch with clients from time to time.
  • Via Bulk SMS we can schedule the time to send SMS to our target location.

We understand that every customer has different requirements. Our clients are everything for us so logon utility will be happy to serve you like the best Bulk SMS service provider.

Learn How to do the successful Bulk SMS marketing campaign