BULK SMS: Beneficial Factor for Companies in 2018

Bulk SMS is a mobile messaging facility that lets business tycoons and companies sent SMS in Bulk quantities to 100’s of clients at the same time quickly. The main aim of Bulk SMS service is to market any product, it conveys information about freebies, special offers and discounts to potential customers.

Although there are different types of messaging services available in market, Bulk SMS is most potent in all of them. It is fast, simple and reliable. Due to its inexpensive price and reliable features, a huge number of corporations are using it as an effective marketing tool. Bulk SMS service is in trend nowadays, it is a mobile marketing tool that is used to market services and products.

Below are some beneficial factors of Bulk SMS for companies:

Open Rates
It is estimated that approximately 98% of messages are opened and read by the recipient within an hour. Although opening rate of emails is also high, but SMS services are more effective and impressive as compared to emailing services. Average opening time of an email is low as compared to SMS, that makes it second option in marketing strategy.

Flexibility and Speed
At present time, all businesses are set to react to the fluidity of the contemporary business era because of the presence of adaptability and flexibility. The lead time in Bulk SMS Service is zero that makes delivery of services quick. These services are helpful in getting an immediate response from the receiver.

High ROI and Low Cost
Outdoor advertising services like TV commercials, online ads and newspaper commercials are out of budget for small businesses. They can use effective Bulk SMS marketing services to promote their services and products. The low-cost setup and cheap running cost of Bulk SMS Bangalore can help in effective marketing.

Highly targeted
Gone are the days when marketing managers and business owners sent Bulk SMS’s to entire audience in hope of alluring relevant customers. Now, marketing managers first emphasize on the needs of customers then categorize them. As a Bulk SMS Marketing team it is important to notice that people who receive SMS will-

  • Have agreed to receive promotional SMS from your company
  • Is a potential customer of your service
  • Have already relationship with your firm

Personalization is an attractive feature of the SMS Marketing Service; the sender can easily personalize the messages sent to the recipient. You can also personalize it keeping the individual sculpture and location in mind, based on different regions and stores of the country. To enjoy this professionalization service, one needs to spend more money. With Bulk SMS Services, you can do it at no extra rate and leave a powerful impact on the SMS receiver.

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Benefits of Bulk SMS in Hospitality & Tourism

With the advancement of technology, new innovations are continuously introduced in the market that helps us to remain updated about the current events happening in the world. One such alluring invention is mobile phone that is used by more than 4 billion people across the globe, Bulk SMS Service was discovered to seek attention of clients. As the industries are increasing at a fast pace, this messaging technique can be very helpful in reaching potential clients.

Bulk SMS strategy is an inexpensive means of communication that is widely used in Tourism and hospitality business. Bulk SMS service allows resorts and hotels to endorse their brand by sending important information to their potential clients. Group SMS services are cost effective and leave an overwhelming impact on the customers.

Below are some benefits of Bulk SMS service in Hospitality and Tourism:

Helps in attaining Business Success
To achieve business goals, SMS Marketing technique is an effective tool to promote Hotel industry activities. From guest reservation to check out procedure, complete information can be provided with the help of SMS. Bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai offers multiple advantages like control over advertising budget, response and time management.

Promotions- Discounts and Offers
Reputed Bulk SMS Service Providers send broadcasting resort and hotel packages and accommodation details to the customers. They also send appropriate information about special excursion and travel itinerary, room availability service, discount coupons, festive offers and service inquiries. Simply click a button and make hotel payment via online payment options.

In hotel and tourism industries, SMS Services are found to be very effective for smooth functioning of the industry. Bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai assists in enhancing your brand value that in turn improves the overall business development and growth rate. This marketing technique identifies the profit strategies and customer satisfaction to provide quality services. They can provide you information about reservation confirmation, discount notification, tour plan confirmation and hotel booking confirmation on your mobile phone. Now, you don’t need to run hotel every time for information; enjoy on the phone services.

Gain Customer’s trust
SMS services help in clearing queries and confusion of potential customers that result in establishing good relations with them. Feedbacks help in attaining valuable insight to gain benefit in your business. Bulk SMS leaves an over-lasting impression on the clients and help in maintaining good relations in the tourism industry.

All over the Country
One of the biggest advantages of Bulk SMS strategy is that you can send messages nationally in all states of the country. That’s how you can publicize your hospitality and tourism business to 1000’s of customers at the same time. Sending appropriate information at correct time will help in attracting huge clients towards your services. One should send unique services to the consumers with highlighted fonts so that they will prefer you on their next excursion.

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Advantages of Bulk SMS in Stock Broking Companies

Bulk SMS Services are one of the most viable options to promote any product among the target audience. Marketing messages are meant for providing correct information to the receiver quickly almost instantaneously. These information-rich marketing messages are taken into use by the stock broking companies and banks to send alert texts to their customers or updates about the accounts.

The advent of Bulk Messaging technology has emerged as a boom in the promotional industry. The quick strategy allows the company to reach prospective clients easily without digging deep into pocket. There are ample of Bulk SMS service providers in India who are serving different companies, they offer unparalleled and excellent services and entrust well-timed distribution of messages to without lagging behind the time.

Below are some advantages of Bulk SMS in Stock Broking Companies:

Market News Update
Stock market is one of the most unpredictable industries that changes rapidly without any previous hint. It is important to keep an eye on new investigations and movements taking place in the market. Stock brokers have to deliver correct information, tips and guidance to the stockholders below the line. Bulk SMS Service can help potential investors to remain updated about frequent changes in stock market.

Trade confirmation notification
Stock market is unexpected; random changes can take place anytime and stockholders have to take instant steps to purchase shares that will be profitable in future. Clients have to aware of each and every facet of the company, stock option, types of shares, investment, stock trading, mutual funds, debentures and securities. Connecting all clients with mobile SMS service can help you in serving appropriate information quickly. Sending trade confirmation notification through SMS is best way to provide instant information without the need of internet. High priority Transactional information SMS service made the transactional process easier and safer than ever.

End of the Day Position Notification
Bulk SMS service provider in India delivers world class services to potential customers and stock brokers. At the end of day, they send a position notification to the clients in which the entire change of stock market is mentioned. The leading marketing companies provide end-to-end mobile data solutions to fulfill the needs of customers and brokers.

Below are some uses of SMS service in Stock Market:

  • Sending intraday selling and purchasing tips to the investors quickly via Transactional SMS service.
  • Sending Stock precise information, also give an idea about risky and new stock introduced in market.
  • Connect market updates, every hour of the day
  • Informing customers about ideal trading practices as value added services
  • Informing about forthcoming IPO updates to listed customers
  • Use long code facilities for users for Free SMS registration.

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Bulk SMS: Tours & Travel Industries

India being known for its famous culture and being a destination to very renown places across the country. When we think of India the first thing that pops up in our mind is the famous Taj Mahal. This is what tourism is bringing to the country. From mountains, landscapes, forests and beaches every part is associated with the tourism industry. Every state speaks its own culture and the sightseeing places make every tourist visit the heritage of India.

The tourism industry is a service industry and to remain in touch with their customers they need some medium through which they can be reached any time. SMS Marketing is a big boost to the tourism industry as they are able to update their customers with the latest offers. This results in loyal customers over a period of time as they have been informed about any latest offers and the past service given by the respective tours and travel agency. Bulk sms is advantageous to travelers and agents as whenever there is any disruption, then at ease both the parties can communicate with each other as the SMS feature is very simple and user friendly.

The tourism industry makes the most of this service by giving updates on various tours packages like hill stations, wild life safari’s , honeymoons and or any panoramic destination which is there. Prior if there any changes in the plan then the customer can be informed easily. For example if the there is any departure a delay, emergency situation arises, and then all these can be communicated over bulk sms. The sms industry is giving a platform to the tourism industry by making communication easier.

You can think of becoming a Bulk SMS Reseller Provider also, with 23% of the tourists’ just visiting Taj mahal only this is a viable option for you if you want to enter in this market. What matters the most is how much you are able to customize the needs of the customer. The tourism industry is roaring at the moment as it is boosting the economy and generating employment over the period of time.

Is Bulk SMS the Most Inexpensive Way of SMS Marketing?

When it comes to promoting a business or event, there are various marketing mediums which are available to the client. When the event needs aggressive advertising there are various options like prints ads, newspapers ads, hoardings etc via which the buzz will be created among the customers. But when it comes to a marketing technique where the audience can be reached instantly the SMS beats them all.

With the use of bulk sms, enormous amount of messages can be sent to the customers, whose information there in the database with the help of a single click on the mouse. To make the service more effective there is gateway software via which the whole process of sending bulk sms gets easier. With the use of this service the business is able to get a wider reach towards the audience as opening rates in sms is higher.

Being one of the most inexpensive forms of methods the features that bulk sms service has:

  • Multiple gateway connections
  • Instant Delivery
  • Instant Delivery Reports
  • 100% Delivery on Transactional messages
  • Easy to use software panel
  • 24/7 * 365 days in a year Customer Support

In this age, without communicating nothing can happen. And with Bulk SMS Service, it becomes very important easy to communicate with the target group. We are offering Bulk SMS  Service in Bangalore, the Information Technology hub. There are various packages and offers which suits as per the client’s needs and that can further customized.

We Indians are more price sensitive and always seek the best quality and this has resulted into the most unique service. We always thought that the sms would be nonexistent after the popular IM tool whatsapp came. But look even today when it comes down to promoting a service, its SMS Marketing which is being used. Apart from being the most inexpensive tool the biggest advantage that sms gives is that every customer might not have whatsapp or internet connection but can still write and read sms texts.

Bulk SMS: Growing Demand In The Present Market

We are living in a world where there is cut throat competition amongst everyone in their respective fields. To survive in the market it is important to understand the needs of the customers and keep them satisfied over the period of time so that the business can be sustained in the long term. Connectivity is the most important link between the customer and the business. With this the customer is continuously being aware of the latest offers and discounts which are there.

There are various communication means which are being utilized, out of which SMS service is one of the most used mediums used. This is because SMS Marketing is a cost effective and least time consuming tool. With most of the population in India using cell phones, it is safe to say that every person will be having a cell phone to a smart phone. From placement companies to Retail outlets, every industry understands the importance of SMS service. The most important use of this service is that messages can be sent in bulk to the targeted groups. It infers to that at one go messages can be sent to the masses and the cost which is involved with this service is very low. The opening rate in SMS is high as a compared to Emails which are sent, this is because in sms there it is assured that the message will be delivered elsewhere in email it may land up in spam or junk unlike sms is which is spam free.

Apart from sending updates and offers to the customers SMS is very useful for those people who are in the field of sales as they will get constant updates. This service can be applicable to an event also. If we take the example that there is a concert in Delhi, then  Bulk SMS Service will be sending messages to give updates about the event, from tickets prices to getting notified about the event at one go all the recipients get the message.

By sending messages at one go it makes sms marketing service more resourceful and has its uniqueness which no other service can provider can offer.

How Bulk SMS Service Makes Difference in Business?

The competitive world is making every industry and business revamp their strategies over the period of time. One cannot disconnect itself from the technological changes which are occurring in the external environment.
There are three critical points which will lure a business towards selecting Bulk sms as the most feasible option:

Target audience
For any business it is important to identify its target audience. This is because once the target audience is identified bulk sms service can be used. With the help of this service the message will be reached to every customer who is on the list irrespective whether the cell phone is switched off.

Cost effective and time saving
With this service you are saving two most precious things on planet earth. When we are speaking about the cost, the rates at which these services are being offered are very feasible too. On the other hand speaking about time, it is impossible to call each and every person who is a part of the target audience as that would be a tedious and time consuming task.

Opening ratio
When compared with Emails there is a chance that these emails will land into the spam or junk box, but when using bulk sms service the one thing is assured that the recipient will get the message and he/she is always made aware about the latest offers, products and campaign offers etc. You can maintain communication with your clients and customers using the bulk sms service. Using the bulk sms service is as simple as playing with a toy, as you can imagine.

Suppose you are planning to start your own business of clothes in Chennai, then selecting the right service provider for bulk sms and identifying the target audience, which will take ample amount of time. Then the promotional messages can to start to roll in.

How Business Can Take Advantage of SMS Service?

The benefits of bulk SMS service are unlimited, but when it comes to business promotion, they are uncountable. There are hundreds of ways by which a business may leverage the immense potential of SMS service. They may use it to promote their products or services, or may notify their potential customers about anything happening in the company or may ask to participate in an event. If done properly, SMS marketing may help businesses reach a vast number of people that may turn into their reliable customers.

If you are planning to promote your business in most effective way, hiring bulk SMS service in Hyderabad is the place to start with. Below are a few ways by which businesses can take advantage of SMS service.

Send Notifications:
If you are planning to launch a new product or service, or just organizing an event, let the people know. A message sent to thousands of people is the best way you reach huge audience in quickest time possible. Moreover, people love reading messages and they show their interest whenever they find something of value.

Promote your Product or Service:
If you have something special in your bag for your customers, do let them know through bulk SMS. It saves huge amount on your marketing expenses and it also enhances the reach dramatically. If there is something that your potential customers may book or purchase through a call or online, the effectiveness of SMS reaches to zenith. So don’t miss out on promoting your offerings through bulk SMS.

Keep Customers Updated:
About any event in your company, or launching of a new product or service, or anything goes wrong, keep your customers updated about everything by sending them a message. It becomes hard to reach a huge customer base through any other marketing channel, but bulk SMS does this quite effectively. Your customers will get an instant notification about everything that helps you win their trust.

Get Feedback:
Want your customers to provide their valuable words about your products or services? What can be better than a text SMS asking for their feedback. Send a message to masses and ask them to say their valued words about your business, and you will surely win their trust. Also, this will help you improve your services without spending huge money.

Greet them on their Special Days:
If you have hundreds of thousands of loyal customers, you will have a huge list every single day with people having a special day like birthday or wedding anniversary. This is the time when you should thing about being a bit personal. Greet your valuable customers on their special days, and they will surely remember your name.

So these are a few ways by which businesses may leverage the advantage of SMS service. All set to hire bulk SMS service in Hyderabad and take your business to seventh skies? There might be many more ways, depending upon the nature of business. Which strategy do you find most profitable? Feel free to say your words in comment section.

Bulk SMS – BEST way to promote your business.

If bulk SMS is not a part of your marketing strategy, you are missing a lot. With over half the world’s population equipped with a mobile phone, a bulk SMS service provider may give your business huge potential. All it takes is a winning strategy to connect with these billions of people, and asking them to help you gain success in your business.

Send Bulk SMS

Below are a few reasons suggesting why bulk SMS marketing is still the most effective marketing strategy out there.

1. Instant Delivery:
When sending bulk messages to promote your business, you do not require to wait for your recipients to read your marketing material. People open their email accounts on a specific time, and they search online on a specific time. But they have their mobile phones with them every single minute, which ensures, your message is instantly delivered to your target audience.

2. Highly Targeted:
You may choose to send your message to your entire contact list or may send the SMS to some selected people in a selected area, interest and age group. Bulk SMS service provider offers highly customization services and you may tailor it as per your services and targeted audience.

3. Easy Opt-In and Opt-Out:
The success of any marketing campaign depends upon valuing your customers, and bulk SMS marketing addresses this factor quite effectively. With a simple reply of Yes or No, your recipients may opt-in or opt-out from your service.

4. High Open Rate:
Bulk SMSs have highest open rate when compared with email marketing or any other marketing strategy. People have a strategy to reach their pocket whenever they get a notification, which ensures your message will be read by a large portion of recipients.

5. High Conversion Rate:
Due to availability of different call-to-actions including voice calls, reply message or clicking on a link, bulk messages offer high conversion rate. A large number of your recipient will take an action once they receive your message.

6. Reliable:
When you send an email, chances are there that it will land in the spam or junk folder. This is not an issue with bulk SMS because it will always hit the inbox of your recipient. This makes bulk SMSs highly reliable. Hire a bulk SMS service provider that offers most reliable services.

7. Short Messages:
People hate reading long texts, and this is the reason why most of the promotional emails are deleted before read. SMS, on the other hand, has a word limitation and thus forces you to keep your message short and sweet. People love reading such short messages.

8. Cool Factor:
When your business message reaches your prospective customers on-the-go, and when you constantly remain in touch with your customers, it enhances the reputation of your business and company. Also, it appears like you are making the best use of technology. It adds a cool factor in reputation of your business.

9. Unlimited Potential:
Due to the fact that billions of people use mobile phones, there is limitless potential in bulk SMS marketing. Even if you shortlist your recipients based upon their geographical area, interest, age group or other factors, you have a huge list in your hands.

10. Go Green:
No need to print your promotional brochures and no need to ask your customers to print your email. Everything is digitalized, which helps the environment and helps the world to go green.
And along with these, there are many more factors suggesting why bulk SMS is the best way to promote your business. Find the most suitable reason for you, and start shooting the messages right away. You will see the difference in no time.

5 Innovative ways businesses are using bulk SMS messaging

Do you feel bothered when you receive a promotional SMS asking you to purchase something? On the other hand, do you feel excited when you see something out-of-the-box in your message box? Since Bulk SMS marketing has remained in the industry for a long time, message recipients have become smarter than ever. They have become selective, and they do not like receiving irrelevant messages asking them to buy something.

Bulk SMS

This is where businesses should think about reconstructing their SMS marketing strategies, and hiring a bulk SMS company in Delhi can be the first step. The old-fashioned techniques will no longer work. Now it’s the time when they should think about something innovative, something out-of-the-box. And some iconic businesses have already started doing that, and they are already recording greater response than those stuck with the old-fashioned methods.

Here are 5 innovative ways businesses are using bulk SMS messaging and leveraging the immense benefits:

1. Event Notifications:
If you receive a message all of a sudden suggesting you about a happening event going to take place in your city in next week, you are sure to check the details. A study proves that messages with event notifications have more interaction rate than general bulk messages. Also, it has been revealed that SMSs have higher success rate than emails when it comes to promote an event. The reason is simple – people love checking out something else than their work on-the-go, and event notification messages can be something worth checking out.

2. SMS Polling:
Gone are the days when you had to ask people to press 1 or 2 to provide their feedback on mobile phones. Today’s mobile phones are smart enough to work as a personal computer. In such, you have the access to conduct a poll through messaging, and your readers are free to give their feedback by clicking the URL you provide. This way, seeking the valuable suggestions of your recipients can be a good way to seek their engagement through messaging.

3. Helping People:
If you don’t know how bulk SMS company in Delhi can help people, you have a lot to learn. With an offline community of millions of people willing to help others with anything they can offer, all it takes is a simple message sent to them to seek their help. For instance, bulk messaging can be used in field of education where students may spread the words through bulk messages, or institutes may distribute important notifications in one click. Many more ways and usage are there in which bulk SMS can help people.
There are many NGOs who use bulk messaging to collect food, donation or books from donors. Whenever they feel any such requirement, they simply shoot a message and more often than not,
they get the necessary help.

4. Saving Lives:
Similar to point-3, bulk messaging may also save lives. Take a real life example – someone needs blood, and asking for help is going to take some time. There are always people in a city who have a community or group of blood donors. A simple message to these people may provide the necessary aid within minutes, saving a valuable life.

5. Optimizing Email Marketing:

Email marketing and SMS marketing works hand-in-hand, and combining these two marketing strategies bring impressive results. Despite of the fact that a large number of people access their email accounts through their mobile phones, there are millions of people who do not have this access. For such people, shooting a message to notify them about your recent email may increase the effectiveness of your email marketing. people when get a notification about an email they have received, they generally prefer checking out the email. What else do you expect?
There can be many more ways by which businesses are hiring bulk SMS company in Delhi to make this world a better place to live in. all it takes is a bit of innovation and creativity to leverage the benefits.