How to do the successful Bulk SMS marketing campaign?

Are you also one of those people who are paying special mind to some exceptional approaches so that
your business can be advanced? Then, one very efficient and potent option for you is- Bulk SMS


We’re all well aware how powerful an instrument the SMS system is. It has a regular opening rate of 98% in the first 2 minutes of delivery. Also, it works without the Internet availability. This makes it one of the most popular marketing tools for the business.

Coming to the E-commerce sector, Bulk SMS Marketing has gained a high preference due to its efficient
features which are stated below.

  • It is highly cost-effective.
  • It is absolutely trustworthy with the mobile users.
  • There is no need of the Ad copies.
  • It ensures that there won’t be any delay in the implementation.
  • Measuring of results is pretty simple and can be handled with ease.


Let us also talk about the success rate of this system. This can be clearly displayed by its 98% open rate.
So, there are around 6 billion individuals who use the mobile phone, out of which 20-30% customers
open the messages and out of these, 47% users purchase the product.


The entire idea of SMS Marketing is to contact the clients of interest and send them the messages with suitable information containing the essential business thought. So, it is very important to get acquainted with the marketing strategies which make the Bulk SMS system meet the organizational goals.

Let us now discuss a few tips to consider while working with an SMS Marketing Campaign.

1. Build an SMS Targeting List

So, building a SMS targeting list can only start if you exactly know your target customers. You must know whom you’re pitching to and why will they avail your service. In the Bulk SMS system, all your messages are client-based, and hence you must know that a message can be useful to one client and maybe not to the other one. Therefore, a correct message should be customized for the correct client so that it is lucrative.

Also, you need to make a list of your customers in a classified form, the present customers, the past customers, and the loyal ones. When we sync the information of the clients, it enables us to study who our objective clients are. The list should also include other necessary information related to the business, which may be purchase history, location etc.

    Know your Customers

Sign Up campaigns is a good approach to et to know the best clients for you to connect. These campaigns acquaint your clients with your SMS Services which then tempts them to join your messaging list. Tracking of success rate can let you review if your SMS Marketing is delivering the expected results.

A campaign is successful if maximum number of clients clicks on the message and connect further. Also, include an ‘opt-out’ option in your messages regularly so if any customer does not want your messages, they can stop it anytime.

Rules and Regulations

You must know the rules and regulations of the SMS Campaigns before preparing the target list.

  • Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) guidelines
  • Customers’ right to not receive Unsolicited messages
  • Client’s right to opt out of accepting message
  • Customers’ right to provide consent before receiving the messages

It is important to know these, so that you do not face any legal complications while campaigning.


2. Value the Time of Customers

We need to pay proper attention while framing the message that each message that the customer
receives must be worth their time. It is very disappointing when one receives a message that is of little
or zero value to them. So, it must be noted that the time of customer must not waste by sending useless
offers, or any information that is not meant for them.

It is observant that some incorporate challenges and contests, offers of exclusive deals etc. are very
irritating and this makes the user quit entertaining a certain service system.

 Use of Keywords

Use of the SMS Keywords like ‘send OFFERS to 56562XXX’ for receiving discount coupons at your nearest brand showroom, is very effective way of increasing the opt-in list of customers who are interested in receiving your messages.

It does not let the Bulk SMS Marketing be intrusive, as when you get the opt-in list, you know whom to send messages to because you’ve been permitted, and whom not to.

This also helps in maintaining the reputation of your business because it ensures that most of the clients want you to communicate with them which are a positive mark.


3. Call to Action (CTA)

Call to Actions is something that puts an expiry to the message and does not let it be left open because open end messages do not prove to be much potent. So, you can include a simple CTA, keeping it brief and including the guidelines, to ensure higher response results.

Your SMS should create a sense of urgency by setting an expiry date to your offers or vouchers. This will make the clients to respond quickly because limited time would put into a condition of availing a certain service right then.

Through CTA, you should try to convince your client that the message is profitable to them in some manner.

 Use of URL

A telephone number or an URL needs to be incorporated at the end of your messages. Besides this if the URL of site is mentioned, look to it that the link is mobile friendly. URLs can also be shortened using or


4. Timing of Sending the SMS

Timing is an important parameter to know if the client will read the message or not. It predicts a lot. For this, we need to study the time slot that keeps maximum users occupied on their phone so that it can be impactful. The Right Time of your SMS will ensure that the client would not see your message as a SPAM message. A perfect time can be found out only after a Trial and Error method is practised.

Certain tips for the same are stated below.

  • Selecting Too Early and Too Late timings of the day to send the messages is a wrong choice.
  • Triggers should be used to receive an SMS after specific activities.
  • The weekends are a good option as the clients usually have more availability of time than usual.

Frequency Check

This is another important factor to maintain the number of clients. Messages sent too often might
irritate the users and make them quit the service, and even the long gaps between messages might
make them forget about a certain subscription. This must be studied and further brought into practice
so that your messages are tuned as per the purpose and your target audience.


5. Personalization

It does feel special when you’re called by your name and not by a term that refers to a certain category of people. Similarly, when you refer to your client as ‘Mr./Ms. ShaXXX’, they feel mre connected rather than when you refer to them as just ‘client’ or ‘user’. This means that your message should be warm and interactive so that the customers feel important and special.

Now, to ensure this, your SMS campaigns should be framed to individual customer groups. All the
details inclusive of Location, Gender, Age and Past Records play a prominent role.

For an example, you cannot offer a makeup item to the male users as it is obvious that the responses
will be just next to zero. This is where all of these filtering parameters help us to target effectively.

The mail merge feature of the Marketing Software can also be brought to use for inserting the details
like names etc. As mentioned, when you know your clients and their needs, the Bulk SMS service gets
very efficient and produces wonderful results.

Taking an example, for a gadget geek, you can update them for the launch of new gadgets of their

Precise, Concise & Short

Your words need to be chosen very carefully, ad your language should be to-the-point to maintain the
clarity of your message.

It is the art that you need to know because besides having a word limitation, you also cannot be too
direct. So, you need to play is short.

As in whole, you need to respect the client’s private space that the client is letting you in by opening your message. And in that very little time, you have to make sure that their time is not getting wasted, and the language is not irritating them. All of this helps in growing the faith of the clients ultimately.


6. Track & Optimize

It is very much obvious that the clients might take some time to respond to our messages, and for this
you need to give them sufficient time. There are software like Scheduler that allow you draft your
messages and schedule the delivery at any time that is found suitable for the customers.

Now what we need to do is the calculation of response rate which is done by Tracking and Optimizing.
This helps us measure the effectiveness of SMS Marketing Campaign. For optimization, different groups
can be targeted at various times to find out the most efficient option for ourselves.

Bulk SMS Marketing Software can be used to find the granular metrics for the files associated with your SMS Campaign. You should regularly check and delete the old contacts that cannot be reached. This
would save time and money. For this you can follow a very responsive method called as ‘Three Strikes
and You are Out’.



Now that you’re acquainted with the tips of SMS Marketing Campaigns, you can now begin one which
will bring good returns to your investments. It is also important for you to comprehend the significance of accomplishing your objectives to run a successful SMS Campaign.

Bulk SMS Marketing Campaigns helps with Building the Database of perspective members, Creating
Leads, Conversion of Prospects with personalized offers and even Retaining existing Clients by taking
Regular Feedback.

Retain existing customers via Bulk SMS marketing

Bulk SMSMarketing is an elementary level; marketing is about defining the worth of your product or
service and sharing that information with customers.

Marketing professionals say that there are four aspects that impact buying choices. These four
aspects are recognized as the marketing assortment:

  • Product     : What are you going to trade?
  • Price            : How much cost you decide for your product?
  • Place            : Where will the public purchase your product?
  • Promotion : How will the public know about your product?

What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS service is the distribution of large figures of SMS messages for sending to mobile phone depots. Media companies, small and large enterprises, banks (for advertising and fraud regulation) and consumer brands for a multiple of reasons comprising entertainment, industries and mobile promotion. It is an effective tool for fascinating customers and rising customers’ reliability.

It has become one of the utmost prevalent types of mobile marketing, as it is the fastest, precisely easy, user – friendly technology and not very costly way to convey information.


Sectors which use these services

  • Schools         : What are you going to trade?
  • College             : How much cost you decide for your product?
  • Industry          : Where will the public purchase your product?
  • Retail Shop    : How will the public know about your product?


Beside these,

  • 20-30 % of customers read the messages
  • 47% of recipients who tap the SMS-link do the purchase
  • SMS obligates a 98% open proportion
  • Many billion people use mobile phones

How to retain existing customers via Bulk SMS marketing?

If you monitor a few meek guidelines, you can certainly retain all your old customers and keep your business going through customer relationship management strategy.

Why Do Trades Flop? The answer is modest – Shortage of customers. If you have sufficient customers, you will be successful in business, period! However, as vital as attaining new customers is, customer relationship management professionals proclaim that it is extremely more important to retain the existing ones.

A very recent study by Investpcro indications that it takes five folds as much to draw a new client than to preserve an existing one. The primary rule of trade, consequently, is to retain customers and form loyal and reliable associations with them.

Few steps towards retaining the existing customer

1. Keep a separate database: Always keep a database of your customers sorted agreeing to their buying habits. While sending Bulk SMS to the customers, particularly while endorsing new deals to existing customers, use this sorted list can be very useful to tackle the customer interest.

  • Buying habits can be determined by
  • Procurement history
  • Buying behaviour
  • And comforts    

2. Address them by their forenames: Such service providing podiums that allow you to send SMS with a choice of addressing the customer by his/her names. Recollect that sentiment you get while a chief soul is talking to you by your name? The entire association converts into a personal conversation. Provide the customers with this similar sentiment. Such companies should have one such great option that offers this feature. It will support you load the customers’ databank and spring you the choice to aim the customers by his/her names.

3. Keep in mind their important dates: We all had that emotion of saying “Oh, they know today is my anniversary or birthday” every time our bank or any of the other service providers propels us a personalized SMS to wish us on our auspicious day. Though many of the persons are not interested in the SMS from these firms, maybe because of one reason that they will subtract the money from the account. So use the similar approach but twist your attitude to polish the flaws of such firms. Make your message less formal and more personal. Wish your customers well on their birthdays, children’s birthdays, marriage anniversary, etc.

4. Send festive or special SMS: Make the customer wake up in the dawn of the first day of a new month to see a communication from you greeting them into the new month or special occasions. In India, we have many festivals and occasions which can be used for such services. Wish and tell that it will be the best month ever. Do this for the exciting customers but remember not to advertise the marketing matter in the message

  By doing this, the customer will trust the service provider and be reliable to the brand. Customer will      refer their family and friends to use the same service.

5. Provide excellent customer service and support: Customer service is the pillar of many businesses. The two most main aspects of customer support is:

  • It must be instantaneous.
  • It should be portable, which means SMS can be read and switched almost anytime
  • Employ good communication customer service representatives to look after the texts
  • Proper Helplines for opportune care
  • Steadfast quality facility
  • Long-Term Business service

6. New Schemes and ideas: One need to catch on the existing customer a long time to improve profit limits. This means one needs to come up with significant marketing plans and approaches, like calls, emails, podcasts, web seminars and many more. This will make the customer accord and stay with the service provider for the longer period.

7. Permission-based Aiming: It is crucial to follow permission-based promotion practices. For instance, if a customer is signing up a service provider their contact number will add to the service provider texting list. It ensures that the communications are directed to the beset audience only and not to any unplanned individual.

In a technology and digital landscape everywhere customers are persistently active on their mobiles, smartphone, tablets or not, SMS promotion has developed an essential portion of any communication policy. Be it a young generation or elder, every group of customers will be certain to get an SMS, building it the prevalent option for personal and instantaneous commercial communication.

Bulk SMS Marketing can be the highly influential promoting means if used expertly.
Bulk SMS – Best way to convert visitors into valuable clients

Get ready for new business promotion in 2018 via SMS campaign

The new year is already up and its time to heighten your new business. There are many tactics used by you in 2017 for promoting your business. However, it resulted not as expected. Don’t forget the fact that every barrier has a solution. This 2018 can be fruitful if you use business promotion via the SMS campaign. It is the most effective way to promote your products and services within a short span of time.

Never forget the strategy “The best marketing is all about communication”. Having the best products and services, but not communicated to the interested audience means your services have no value. In this circumstance, you need an effective SMS marketing. This marketing allows you two-way communication which, in turn, clears all queries between you and your customers.

Often complaints are registered about the messages got by the users. Using the Bulk SMS service, it is advised to send the right to the right customer. Sometimes the wrong messages are received by the customers. These circumstances put a wrong impact on the customers.

Segmentyour audience : Often complaints are registered about the messages got by the users. Prior using the Bulk SMS service, it is advised to send the right to the right customer. Sometimes the wrong messages are received by the customers. These circumstances put a wrong impact on the customers.

This barrier can be eliminated by segmentation of audience. This strategy is used for the most relevant messages. It clearly differentiates the informational message and spam.

To make this strategy entirely successful, you can take the assist of the Bulk SMS service provider. It integrates your CRM to your messaging platform which will send the right message to the right person. This strategy will be more helpful as most all people have smartphones that will be used to track which mobile campaigns are getting clicks or engagement. In brief, this tactic will assist you a continual growth.

SMS should be short, understandable, and attractive : One of the best new business promotions in 2018 via SMS campaign is text should not be more than 160 characters. This is the most significant tip as it will give your Bulk message service a successful journey. The best way to make this journey successful is to make the message, short, precise, and understandable.

In this world of the digital era, every person has a little time to read, write or even convey to others. The short messages would result fruitful as it will remember the audience for a long time. Moreover, if this message marketing strategy has a short and attractive SMS, it will put a long-lasting impact on the customers.

Don’t become a spammer : Always remember the fact that sending SMS to your customer is a Prerogative, not a right. It’s your duty to send the informative message to your customers, which will not bother them. Don’t send them messages too often. If so, your customers will get irritated and you will lose your prerogative.

Make sure to send good messages that are relevant in nature. A good SMS marketing includes that marketing which puts a strong influence on the customers. If he would not receive, he will feel unhappy.

Create Timing messages more : As per the recent survey, timing is everything. The SMS has a deal showing it will be expired soon is more effective. These sorts of messages are open soon. People used to open and influence timing messages more.

Sending Bulk SMS is a strategy which is the somehow daunting task. Logon Utility is a Bulk SMS service provider offering the effective service package to the newbies. It offers new business promotions that will hike up your business sales. Creating time messages are somehow complicated but if you would get
our assist, your this task will be done easily.

The SMS open rate is higher than email open rate : The average email open rate climbs gradually after sending for about 24 hours. The average text message open rate spikes, with 70% of opens happening in the first 60 minutes.

As per the surveys, the average email open rate climbs gradually once sent for about 24 hours. The average SMS open rate spikes, with 75% of opens happening in the first 90 minutes.

In this case, the best Enterprise SMS solution includes making sure to send text more than Email. For Instance, if you had a regular customer and he is not coming to your store for a long time, rather than sending him email try to send him an attractive message, which will influence him to get back after
reading attractive deal.

Moreover, in this digital world, smartphones are the best partner. Without it, nobody survives. Even the old aged or illiterate people used to have smartphones and they try to read all messages. These people never read email as they don’t have an email account. Hence, there may be no doubt that Bulk SMS service will assist you to connect with your audiences better. Get your Bulk SMS service through us thousands of your audience at the same time. It is believed that an SMS is opened within five minutes of its receipt, making it an effective medium to attain out on your target market.

The mass SMS services endow you to ensure your customers with the statistics of your newly launched product, monthly offers and discount, appointment reminders and different promotions. Get SMS API integration to send text with more comfort.

Bulk SMS will assist you to introduce your current and existing customers to your new merchandise or unique discounts. The Bulk SMS marketing is very economical, you may begin sending SMS @10 Paisa/SMS. So you may lessen your advertising and marketing budget. You don’t want a large advertising and marketing staff because you may send unlimited SMS in an only single click. You can timetable your bulk SMS so that you don’t need to spend the complete day for advertising and marketing.

In fact, the bulk SMS service has been around for the ultimate twenty years, it’s far still an immediate, economical and dependable medium of advertising. It allows companies in numerous approaches, here are the top six reasons that will assist you to apprehend better.

How bulk SMS marketing helps to reach the right audience?


The best media to convey : The timing of the message has an essential role from the customer’s point of view. Customers respect whilst brands value their time. The E-trade businesses make top use of this facility to hold their clients within the loop on their order and shipping status with properly timed message. Educational institute, Hospitals, Banks, etc. too use SMS provider to update their customers regarding their deposit, withdrawals, deposit, deductions and so on. This, in turn, permits you to cut down on price related to customer care services.

As the best Bulk SMS service provider, we offer this convenient medium of messages at very reasonable

Quick messaging : Whether you want to send a promotional SMS or a reminder message, we provide the best Enterprise SMS solution that will help you ship messages right away. Also, these text messages are read by its recipients within minutes of receiving them. These Bulk SMS can attain out to the maximum wide variety of people instantly and on the equal time get set off response from the target market. This marketing will endow you to get the right audience within a short period of time.

In low costs get better results : The fact is that marketing by the means of newspapers, television, radio, or different out of doors advertising methods can prove to be pricey for a small business. But it isn’t always the case with bulk SMS marketing. The Bulk SMS service provider will assist you to attain higher returns with low fees. If you’re operating a small company, you can reach lots of focused people successfully and quickly with a small price.

Get the right audience within a short span : Unlike different marketing services which are applied to the  random target audience, bulk SMS advertising is used to your right target audience. It means that the customer who’ve opted to get hold of your message is open to acquiring updates or facts from you. Also, with bulk SMS advertising you may be sure that your message has been acquired by your audience. In other cases, there is no proof whether the message has been received or not.

Hike up your business : SMS marketing is developing in recent times due to the fact you could reach a basic target audience with the help of bulk SMS marketing. As you already know everyone keeps their cell phone with them all of the time and most people tests all new incoming textual content messages. You send the transactional or promotional bulk SMS.

No message gets spam : The best feature of using the bulk SMS services is that no message will become spam as there is no spam box available. If you use the email facility, mostly messages get spam, resulting zero marketing of the product and services. Hence, sending advertisements through messages as the best way to track the right audience, regardless of thinking about whether the message will get or not.

Bulk SMS Case study



Our client is one of the top e-commerce that sells more than one million merchandise in a month by the way of online facility and it’s far one of the fastest developing e-commerce companies over last 5 years. They are getting increased day by day.

Goals & Challenges

The significant motive and desires of our e-commerce customer were to promote conversation among seller and the buyer due to the fact the timely replace will sell agree with and coordination. It is important to talk to the client the delivery status. They wanted to give up-to- cease SMS which protected affirmation, price reminders, verification, remarks and to advertise their merchandise.


Logon Utility turns it simple to enhance your clients buying revel in in a more exceptional manner. Logon Utility offers comprehensive and holistic offerings and different related textual content messaging solutions to E-commerce agencies that permit companies to speak with their customers with a lot of ease and quickness.

Based on the requirements, following are the Bulk SMS Services that Logon Utility has ensured :

  • Sign Up Alert for the patron
  • Forward one-time password (OTP) Alert for any Payment Confirmation
  • Delivery Status alert
  • Bulk SMS Marketing for increasing long-term relationships with the clients
  • Message with Short URL for price reminders in addition to sell merchandise to offer.
  • Mobile Verification SMS
  • Order Confirmation SMS
  • Gather the comments from the customer by using Long Code

Moreover, you can examine the ROI for your campaigns. Then strategically make well your advertising and marketing approach. The Bulk SMS offering assists to replace customers with discounts and up to date offers and additionally allows to communicate with the sellers. When it is a reply of reliability, Text messages are greater dependable than emails. Looking to start your own business than be a SMS reseller via easy way at Logon Utility.

For Instance, setting any order, tracking the facts related to the order and added to collect the response
and the feedback.

Outcome and Benefits

Straightforwardly, E-commerce has revolutionized the buying and promoting of products online in only an easy manner. When it’s about sending the bulk SMS for E-commerce establishments, Logon Utility is a one-stop end to give up solution. Our instantaneous SMS services permit you to attain to your goal and large patron globally, with round the veteran expert guide..

SMS notifications assist in ensuring amazing consumer experience. Any updates and immediately conversation when furnished on your customers allows in builds deep loyalty, agree with and helps in customer go back fee. Timely SMS enables you to opt for destiny advertising possibilities. You can explore any further future SMS marketing opportunities, you can additionally send for future or present and existing customers promotional gives, loyalty coupon with Logon Utility Short URL link on your website associated with e-commerce. To get know about the more Enterprise SMS Solution, log in our official web portal

Bulk SMS – Best way to convert visitors into valuable clients


One of the best avenues for publicity in India is with the use of bulk SMS bursts, and business from all industries use these resources. While open advertising campaigns do provide visibility, and print advertisements can be successful to a degree; mass messages have a much deeper market penetration compared to conventional marketing techniques. Any Bulk SMS service provider will provide your brand a selective market reaches because of the way you can select your target customers and reach them in a non-intrusive and impersonal way!

There are three critical factors to understand before using such mass publicity methods –

(1) The vendor should be a reliable company with the proper database resources to reach out to. The client base can be your own internal lists, or draw from public data lists which are maintained by various service providers.

(2) It is vital to ensure that your chosen bulk SMS reseller provider has a flexible platform which automatically updated from time to time. It should also be a user friendly system which your enterprise can efficiently utilize as needed.

(3) make sure that the messaging system is accurate and reliable, and does not use old contact lists since people regularly change their personal contacts!

Bulk SMSs are quite flexible in the message they may carry, and companies can use this unique method to reach out to their current consumers, past clients, and prospective markets just as efficiently. The right bulk SMS reseller provider opens up a massive communications channel between your company and consumers by selecting the target audience more efficiently. It is also important to know that a bulk SMS service provider in India has to reach out to a very dense market. India has the second largest number of cellular phone connections in the world, so you have to be sure that your vendor is reliable. While a bulk SMS reseller in India is the most effective way to reach out to a wide audience; it is also important to find a dependable vendor who has the right resources for successful communication.We also provide Bulk SMS Api services.

When investing in a kit for bulk SMSs, you should start with understanding the various ways in which such a service can satisfy your business needs. Remember that the system is meant for two way communication, and after you messages have reached the market, you should be prepared to reply just as efficiently! The most reliable bulk SMS service providers in India have an automated response system that helps you respond to your clients in time. The software carefully times the messages, and records the response time to provide you better data for later marketing analysis. If you are launching a new product or service, a bulk SMS reseller provider can help you reach your current consumer base, as well as new target audience. To apply this kind of marketing to your business more efficiently, make sure that your bulk SMS reseller in India is a recognized vendor with the right kind of communication resources!

Do Cost-productive Marketing For Your Business Using Bulk SMS

Bulk SMSService providers in Mumbai and other densely populated cities in India who offer bulk messaging services allow various companies to engage in some of the most cost productive marketing schemes possible. This kind of mass messaging service like Bulk SMS India not only reaches out to a wide range of consumers, but also facilitates a way to reach the potential market in an impersonal, yet effective way! Any bulk SMS reseller provider functions on individual zonal databases, which allows a company to look for local contacts within its range and specific target markets. This is why Bulk SMS are so cost productive compared to other kinds of marketing activities. We all know how disturbing marketing calls can get during busy office hours, and we all pass by advertising campaigns which we tend to pay little attention to. However, a message on your phone remains with you to be accessible later on.

In the market today there are many available avenues for a company to engage in marketing and publicity activities. The introduction of technology has greatly benefited the world of mass publicity, and any Bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai, Delhi, or such major cities provides your company deep reach into a prospective market. India is one of the largest markets for cellular phones, and this makes it an excellent market for bulk messaging publicity. Not only is there a better reach into the intended market, but also candid communication without the hassle of having to push your way to getting the attention of an intended customer. However, if you want to explore just why a bulk SMS reseller provider is the most cost productive marketing resource; we need to look at the whole matter in a critical and analytical way. Bulk SMS are cheaper than conventional advertising methods, but their efficiency in the context of the dense Indian market is a different matter altogether!

India has one of the densest and prospective markets for cellular phones, and mobile service providers have a strict policy about providing access to their customer bases. Many consumers activate “Do Not Disturb” services that disallow mass publicity calls and messages. However, Bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai maintain databases of people who are open to mass messages. This means that a company engaging in this kind of marketing can actually reach out to a target audience more efficiently. Not all bulk SMS reseller providers have extensive resources however, and it is up to you to select the right vendor.

Bulk SMSs reach the target audience with greater efficiency than television or print advertising because they reach the client directly. A message on your phone is something that you can always refer to later; and it doesn’t go ignored as marketing calls often do. On the other side of the playing field, a bulk SMS reseller provider can reach out to thousands of people within a limited cost. While conventional advertising cannot guarantee the attention of your intended target audience, bulk SMSs will allow you a deeper reach into the market without spending as much as you would when engaging in conventional marketing!

Bulk SMS Services for New Business promotion

Bulk SMS

In a city like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi which is not only a major business center but also one of the most densely populated metropolises in the country; any kind of mass publicity activity needs to be accurate, as well as effective. While conventional print and media advertising and online publicity are common, one of the most successful methods available is Bulk SMS. Bangalore has a vast market for various user groups, and any new business can reach out to select markets by using mass messaging services efficiently! Let us look at how new businesses can use services like Bulk SMS to reach out to people across vast market with ease –


The Information Provided

Messages reach people directly on their personal number, and hence carry critical information about your products and services. If the message concerns a survey or a matter that requires a reply to the text; the information must be even more precise. While the service provider does not generally control the content of the text; a reliable vendor will be able to advise you about the kind of content which is more relatable and effective in the given context. Since the people reading the message will have to relate to the text on a given subject, the content and information being publicized bust be chosen carefully! Make sure that you express your message in a manner which is brief, but engaging at the same time.

The Target Markets

When you’re sending out Bulk SMSs, Bangalore’s competitive market presents quite a few challenging factors for you to consider. Locating and identifying the right target market for your business may concern a number of factors, but the best vendors are able to maintain multiple data lists which serve the purpose. These lists are generated from various online resources, as well as gathered from the general market, and selectively organized for your purposes. You can choose the target audience according to the age groups, consumer patterns, or various categories for selecting the right contacts to reach out to.

The Branding

One of the most important aspects of using Bulk SMS Service is how you can establish your brand using this marketing system. Since more recognized brands use their logo and company name for recognition; Bulk messages are perfect for a newer company. This is because the content and information are more important in the case of Bulk SMSs. Bangalore based businesses or even national companies doing business in the city can reach out to consumers with a reference to their work instead of just a logo or insignia. This is a direct way to establish a new brand in a given target market because consumers are more interested in the work you do rather than the popularity of your logo!


Resource Box: Want to publicize your business using the flexible and effective system of Bulk SMS Service? Logon Utility is the most recognized mass publicity and web development platforms in the country with a host of resources and services for companies of all sizes!

Summary: This article discusses the system of using mass publicity messaging to help new businesses establish in Bangalore.

How Bulk SMS Publicity Receives Huge User Attention

Bulk SMS marketing

When you want to reach out to the vast consumer market of Mumbai, there are few avenues of marketing and publicity that receive a huge user attention. A Bulk SMS Service Provider in Mumbai grants you a better access to the people, and a much more effective reach to an intended target market. To study just how the entire mass publicity system works, you would have to understand a number of factors related to this business.

(a) The Basic System

Bulk SMS Service have been used for over a decade, but it is so successful, that it has become the mainstream of almost any advertising campaign. Any Bulk SMS Service Provider in Mumbai, Chennai, or other big cities maintains databases of individual users for a company to do selective publicity and marketing. A reliable vendor will have the personal contacts of individuals who have not activated any kind of “Do Not Disturb” services, and are hence open to marketing and publicity messages. This means that your company does not face a backlash of people who are not interested in your products or services.


(b) Reaching Out

Reaching out to the right people is the key to receiving user attention, but this is also the most difficult factor to ensure. Any business will have to reach out to different target groups, and this is not always about the area concerned. Target customers are selected according to their individual profiles; and set in groups according to their age, preferences, and such consumer patterns which determine their interests and involvement with businesses related to yours. This kind of close selection is one of the key reasons that Bulk SMS receives huge user attention compared to other forms of direct marketing.


(c) Choosing a Good Vendor

The key to success with this kind of marketing is to find a reliable vendor with the right data lists. For example, if you are looking for a Bulk SMS Service Provider in India , they should have a number of select lists for various client profiles. These lists also need to be updated from time to time, since people often change their numbers. A good vendor will not only have an extensive database for you to access, but also a dynamic one. Individual contacts must be listed according to changing consumer patterns and this is not as easy as it seems. Since mobile service providers provide limited access to their consumer lists, only a good vendor for Bulk SMSs will provide you effective marketing resources!

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How to Use Mass Transactional SMS Gateways in India for Confidential Data

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Whenever there is a system for mass marketing like the services of a Bulk SMS reseller provider; data security is a major challenge. A company using Bulk SMS Services has to ensure security of their internal data lists, as well as protect any information regarding their clients. This is why it is critical to find a Bulk SMS Service Provider in India whose system is reliable as well as safe; since there may be very sensitive data being processed through such mass transactional SMS Gateway From banking details, to personal contacts – the system being applied by a Bulk SMS Reseller in India must ensure complete data security, as well as accurate information transactions. However, this two way communication platform has a lot of features that cause it to be susceptible to information leaks as well as forced data theft! A reputed vendor will have special security measures to ensure that the platform is well protected.

When a company sends out mass messages through a Bulk SMS Reseller Provider, it may be simply marketing and publicity campaign; or a process that involves replies. When a mass messaging campaign is a one way transaction, the security measures have to ensure that it does not lead to data leaks regarding the user profiles of intended customers. Since people receive Bulk SMSs on their private numbers; it is critical that the company sending out the messages protects their consumers’ privacy. However, if the campaign involves a reply, the security protocols in place have to be even more active. A Bulk SMS Service Provider in India must be able to reach out to thousands of customers, but when the replies come in, the consumer may be providing very sensitive data. This is when forced hacking often attempts to steal information. However, the best Bulk SMS Resellers in India apply a number of advanced digital security measures to ensure that the mass transactional gateways do not leave any space for data theft. A vendor without the right security protocols poses a severe threat.

Mass messaging and Bulk SMS publicity is a common way for companies to reach out to multiple consumers without having to interfere on a consumer’s privacy. A mass messaging system also involves dedicated data lists which record communication data, which are susceptible to interference. As a company, it is important that you use the services of a Bulk SMS Reseller Provider in India which actually protects information. The system should also ensure that incoming data is stored according to individual profiles, and that outsiders cannot access the sensitive information. Any mass transactional gateway accessible to a Bulk SMS Reseller in India is a complicated system. People’s private numbers, banking information, and often a detailed record of their commercial interests and private consumer patterns are shared on these profiles. Only by using a secure system from a reputed Bulk SMS Service provider in India can you ensure proper data security for your clients. Look for the biggest vendors in the country to be sure that your bulk messaging campaign doesn’t cause your internal records and user data to be in danger of theft or misuse!

Is Bulk SMS an Effective Way of Marketing

Effective Bulk SMS marketing

Jaipur is one of the fastest growing cities in India, but still not as open as markets like Mumbai, Delhi, or Bangalore. With a smaller market, companies looking for mass publicity have to find effective resources to capture clients’ attention without losing their brand image. This poses a challenge for any company in terms of market reach; since there is very little information that lets you reach out to prospective markets effectively. However, by using the right services of Bulk SMS Service Provider, you can actually reach prospective clients directly!

This allows any enterprise one of the most efficient methods of mass publicity without having concerns of overspending for the campaigns. Bulk SMS`s can also be used for two way communication like surveys and registration. If the content of your messages are set out correctly, such forms of mass communication allow                 a brand to reach out to people without interference; and are the most effective method for publicity.

A Bulk SMS campaign works on a system of using individual consumer profiles to reach a target market for effectively. These lists are not easy to come by, since cellular service providers in India do not make client information available for marketing.

A dedicated vendor for Bulk SMS Service in India will be able to provide companies selective target lists according to industry requirements. Only the biggest vendors can provide such information because people do not reveal their personal numbers for marketing campaigns. The target lists have to be generated from reliable resources like social media platforms and key data lists online. This is not easy, considering that people are becoming more aware of data theft. Only the biggest companies in India have the reliability that allows access to individual data.

A reliable Bulk SMS Reseller Provider will allow your company access to individual consumer profiles according to your target audience. This kind of data is often provided without prior intimation to the client, so it is important to ensure that the message does not interfere with the client’s privacy. While certain clients may have services activated that disallow marketing campaigns to get through; a reliable Bulk SMS vendor will only provide you list for active phone numbers. Also look for service providers who can integrate your mass messaging service with your Web Development platform. Even if a client changes their phone numbers, access to their internet profiles is a sure way of getting across. The most dependable Bulk SMS Service Providers have the resources and tools for such integration!

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The True Potiential of Bulk SMS in 2017 – 18

Bulk SMS advertising

Many companies across various industries require the services of a reliable Bulk SMS Service Provider in India. This goes for both consumer products as well as enterprises which deal in various services. Among the various methods of digital mass publicity, Bulk SMS and mailing have some distinct strategic advantages.
To study the future scope of Bulk SMS Services, we have to understand how these solutions have certain distinct advantages over other mass publicity methods. A reputed Bulk SMS Service Provider in India will have the right database and contact circles to help your business reach effective target markets.
While other mass information systems used across the world including tele marketing, television, and the internet are also important for marketing; SMS and mailing have a wider scope than others! Tested over time, the future for SMS marketing is more extensive and reliable than other methods.

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Let us study the true potential of hiring the right bulk SMS service provider in India –

(a) General Television Ads
TV advertising is what much of a company’s advertising budget is focused on, but SMS is about personal reach. While many people would simply use the remote control and switch the channel during an advertisement, a proper Bulk SMS Service Provider in India would allow you to send a summary of information to a relevant client directly! Bulk SMS may reach out to many people who would delete them; but more often than not – the client would read the text and be informed about your company’s message than compared to a regular television ad!

(b) Tele Marketing Methods
It is obvious how the right SMS Service Provider in India would be able to better expose you to a select target group than a tele marketing campaign. People rarely listen to a tele marketing call, and many customers would feel disturbed when called during office hours. A well written text message however, remains on their phones for later perusal, and is non-intrusive; hence better accepted by the intended person as a communication method.

(c) SEO and Internet Marketing
Having an SEO plan and using the advantages of social media is vital for modern marketing, but SMS can still reach out to clients within a given market more efficiently. A Bulk SMS Service Provider in India with the right contact data bases reach people on their personal numbers, and that is more effective than PPC ads or a long social media campaign! Also,Bulk SMS are less ignored than pop-up internet advertisements which are also considered disturbing to many.