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Best Bulk SMS service in Mumbai

Logon Utility provides Best Bulk SMS service in Mumbai at a very low cost. To sign up with Logon Utility is very easy, call us 8452059898 and tell your requirement, we will guide you, make the payment your service will be activated in 1 hour time start enjoying our bulk SMS Mumbai service. Logon Utility have a […]

Bulk SMS Marketing Vendors in Mumbai

  Not many years ago, schools, colleges, companies sent newletters, circulars or notices to parents or customers. To inform or remind them about meetings, events etc. But now with Bulk SMS Marketing vendors they can now be informed directly through SMS. In today tumultuous world where the prices are touching the skies, Bulk SMS marketing vendors […]

Logon Utility the Best Bulk Emailing company in Mumbai

Best part about Email marketing is that you can personalise your message.  Clients  respond better to emails that actually address them with their first name. You can capture any of your subscribers’ details when they singup for your mailing list thanks to the custom field function. These fields can then be used to deliver personalised […]

Benefits of Email marketing

Benefits of Email marketing Email marketing is one of the best and one of the most economical ways of marketing today. Best part about email marketing is that it can be focused to your desired target audiences. All you need is a good database of prospective customer. Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message […]

Send Bulk SMS for 8 paisa in Mumbai

Send Bulk SMS for 8 paisa in Mumbai, and Rest of Maharashtra Bulk SMS is an effective marketing tool. A lot of businesses are seeing results in the form of sales conversions from bulk SMS marketing that they have not seen from any other sources of promotions. Whether you are a large, or small to […]

Benifits of Bulk SMS

Benefits of Bulk SMS online Benifits of Bulk SMS service are as follows. There are various mediums of marketing available today. One out of which is using Bulk SMS service provider .There are various advantages of sending Bulk SMS online Bulk sms is one of the fastest ways of sending messages to your target audience […]