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Do Bulk Sms Really Work To Promote A Start Up?

Nowadays, getting publicity is one of the best ways to earn money and fame; be it either any business or any online website. People are spending money to market their business adopting the best ideas. They are taking help from digital marketing teams, SEO experts and content writers to aware people about their business and […]

How To Be A Part Of Bulk Sms Reseller?

Bulk SMS has the solution to provide all clients with a great opportunity to resell all the SMS credits to various customers for business as well as personal purposes. A reseller can buy various SMS credits by using the process of Bulk SMS. These SMS credits are then sold in batches after which a significant […]

Cost Benefits of bulk SMS service

Bulk SMS service is always very good for your business. The benefits of a Bulk SMS are very interesting and stupendous. You can make a lot of good use. Some cost related benefits of this type of SMS are as follows.    1. The Open Rates  Almost 98% of all messages sent are open and […]

Cheap Marketing with Bulk SMS Service

If you are looking way to reach maximum customer at lowest price then Bulk SMS provider in Mumbai is the best option. Bulk SMS provider in Mumbai is most affordable marketing tool starting from 0.8 paisa; no other marketing medium can give a promotion at such a low cost. In today’s time every person has a […]

Long Code Bulk SMS

Long Code Bulk SMS Long Code Bulk SMS service for Mumbai and rest of India is another innovative service from Logon Utility. LOGON UTILITY Provides long code/ virtual number service that lets two-way communications through SMS. With long-code services, organizations are equipped with two-way messaging /SMS capabilities using the familiar 10 digit mobile number. Long codes […]

Bulk Email Marketing- Cost Effective Method of Marketing

Why Bulk Email Marketing is one of the most cost effective Marketing? There are various reasons why Bulk Email Marketing is one of the most cost effective Marketing. The target audience for email Marketing can be filtered to meet the requirements of the Marketer. The most important activity in this is to find a good database […]

India’s largest B2B Bulk SMS Service

B2B Bulk SMS service provider Logon Utility is India’s largest B2B Bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai. Advancement of the technology (Bulk SMS Marketing) has proved to be a blessing for businesses of all sorts. The facility of Bulk SMS has brought a drastic revolution in the way businesses were marketed until a few years […]

SMS Guidelines for Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS are mainly classified as Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS. The procedure and TRAI guidelines for both Promotional Bulk SMS and Transactional Bulk SMS differ. SMS Guidelines for Promotional Bulk SMS: 1) Time : SMS Sending Time 9am-9pm 2) Delivery : Not Delivered to DND Numbers (SMS that have been sent to DND nos. […]

Customers feels secure with our Bulk SMS service

Why do customers feels Secure with our Bulk SMS service ? When we speak to a new customer at logon Utility often we are asked what are the advantages of having Bulk sms service as apposed to various other services that are available . To that our answer is that For every business whether it […]

Become a Bulk SMS Reseller

                                   How to Become Bulk SMS reseller? Logon Utility is offering you a life time & highly profitable Bulk Voice & SMS Business. Become Bulk SMS reseller in Mumbai or any part of India today. We have developed the program, its […]