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How Bulk SMS Service Can Help For Traffic Alert

In cities across India, the mobile phone has become a common vital personal accessory. While the internet age and smart phones and tablets have brought in a new era of mobile phone usage; there are still certain marketing advantages of older technology like Bulk SMS. In Jaipur, or such smaller cities, a number of companies, […]

How will Bulk SMS help in Health Care Industry?

With India’s vast and dense population, promoting any business – be it a product or a service, requires a brand to compete with many competitors. To reach out to the market, all brands need to invest in mass promotion and publicity; and one of the best ways of such mass publicity is to hire out […]

How Bulk SMS Service Helps to Improve Business?

For any business today, there are various methods of using technology for expansion and growth. Since marketing is important for any consumer product or service; proper use of telecommunications and the internet is vital for any business. A Bulk SMS Service Provider in India is one of the best ways to directly approach customers in […]

Learn, How Bulk SMS helping Banking Industry

Today technology is the most important aspect of marketing communications for any industry. For any particular industry, using the help of the internet to market products or services has become a more cost effective and reliable method than conventional methods. One of the most effective ways that technology has long been used in marketing is […]

Benefits of Bulk SMS in Media & Entertainment

Reaching out to people on their personal number is the most effective way to let people in a particular target market know of an event – be it a corporate conference or a rock concert! Also, download links need to be sent to the right numbers. This is why Bulk SMS is still among the […]

Top 5 Reasons to Try Bulk SMS Marketing for Growing Business

Text messaging has become a very common means of communication; it is a powerful mobile feature that is playing a major role in accomplishing marketing goals for any business. At present time, majority of people have mobile phones and almost all of them use it to send and receive messages for different purposes. Many companies […]

BULK SMS: Beneficial Factor for Companies in 2018

Bulk SMS is a mobile messaging facility that lets business tycoons and companies sent SMS in Bulk quantities to 100’s of clients at the same time quickly. The main aim of Bulk SMS service is to market any product, it conveys information about freebies, special offers and discounts to potential customers. Although there are different […]

Benefits of Bulk SMS in Hospitality & Tourism

With the advancement of technology, new innovations are continuously introduced in the market that helps us to remain updated about the current events happening in the world. One such alluring invention is mobile phone that is used by more than 4 billion people across the globe, Bulk SMS Service was discovered to seek attention of clients. […]

Advantages of Bulk SMS in Stock Broking Companies

Bulk SMS Services are one of the most viable options to promote any product among the target audience. Marketing messages are meant for providing correct information to the receiver quickly almost instantaneously. These information-rich marketing messages are taken into use by the stock broking companies and banks to send alert texts to their customers or […]

Bulk SMS: Tours & Travel Industries

India being known for its famous culture and being a destination to very renown places across the country. When we think of India the first thing that pops up in our mind is the famous Taj Mahal. This is what tourism is bringing to the country. From mountains, landscapes, forests and beaches every part is […]