Logon Utility, An IT Company welcomes you under the Bulk SMS Reseller Program. We have a strong Reseller Network of 1200+ Active Resellers in India and we are handling over 15000+ Clients in India.


We don’t believe in making fake promises and tall claims! Our idea of working with our clients revolves around offering best of the products, expert consultation and impeccable facilities.

Here are some of the other reasons for choosing us over our competitors:

Transactional SMS

Bulk SMS

Our Logon SMS marketing are designed for organizations that want to better promote and popularize their businesses, brand, products and supply. As the bulk SMS Reseller, we can help businesses in attracting genuine inquires and leads and leave an indelible impression on the minds of their own set of clients.

Bulk Email

Bulk Email marketing with Logon Utility, companies will get immense scope to interact with their clients and promote their business, brand and solutions. We’ll help you acquire the best leads and higher returns and take your business to the next level. In which you will experience the potential customers for your Business. Here the efficiency of conversion is dramatically increased after the year 2010.

bulk email marketing

website development

Web Development

With our advanced and professional Web Development including E-commerce Development, Content Management System, Responsive Website Development, Application Development, Website Maintenance and Payment Gateway, you can transform your websites and use it for targeting, informing and interacting with your clients on a regular basis. Don’t hesitate! Give us a call right now or get in touch with us at sales3@logonutility.in!

Bulk Voice Call

Use our Admin Panel for pre-recording voice message and sending it to innumerable people simultaneously. Which will be directly submitting your marketing message to the End consumer mind. Things we heard, We remember it most. Bulk Voice call in your Marketing Campaign can enhance your Product with more impactful style, and generates massive output, especially with Integrated Marketing.

bulk voice call service


logon utility SMS trends

Brand Promotion Company to sell gets under the Bulk SMS Reseller Program


white label panel


Dynamic website


SEO friendly SMS panel


fully customized SMS panel


SMS signup


API integration

1.     Create 1 (one) Sub-Domains or Domains under your existing domain name eg. SMS or Bulk SMS


2.     Point ‘A’ Record (DNS) of your Sub-Domain or Domain to IP


3.     Once it was done, email us on techsupport@logonutility.in so that we can activate your Re-Seller Account from our side.

How to Become Bulk SMS Reseller Provider in India Or Globally?

Grabbing all attention is the dream of every business surviving in this competitive era of technology. The SMS Reseller in India know the tactics used in marketing the products. In other words, SMS is used to drag the target audience with great efficiency, which is not possible by using the other source of advertising activities. Although, sending SMS is an economical technique but its height of success can be measured appropriately because it keeps going up and up day by day.

Logon Utility is an IT company providing facility to become the bulk SMS Reseller provider in India or even globally. It has robust Reseller network of 1200+ active Resellers in India and handing greater than 15000+ clients in and outside India. So prefer best SMS Reseller program with white label websites & complete technical support.

The veteran software engineers available at the Logon Utility have designed the Bulk SMS Reseller business solution for all its target audiences where they can resell SMS credits to their clients for individual or business purposes. All of our purchasers will have a right to sell at their own cost and get unlimited sender ID’s. Our software is a fast, rich, and reliable and never allows disconnection, hence guarantee of fast deliverability of your SMS. Choose best Reseller SMS gateway for your business.

The addition of our bulk SMS Reseller software will hike up the overall functionality and customers hence more profits. At logon utility choose best bulk SMS Reseller plan to get more benefits.

If you are getting to know more about our products and marketing stuff, you are free to contact or email us anytime.

Your search for a leading and reputed Bulk SMS Provider, website developer and SMS broadcast providing company ends rights here!

At Logonutility.com, we have the best infrastructure, setup, supply and highly trained and experienced professionals for our clients including industries, businesses and enterprises! We are your one-stop solution for all types of Bulk SMS campaigning, SMS marketing, website development and Email marketing and solutions. No matter what size or scope of your project, we can handle it like no one else!

Due to increasing use of mobile phones, utilization of SMS is fast becoming an effective marketing channel which can help your company reach a large audience base for delivering your marketing message. We are the leading Bulk SMS provider in Mumbai who can help you advertise products to your customers.

Why use of services?

As the top Bulk SMS Reseller in India we provide our customers the facility of controlling the rate at which messages are to be sent as well as create their own schedule to send those SMS messages. Our system also makes it possible to filter and segregate DND data to adhere to NCCP registry regulations as well as TRAI guidelines.

Notable Features of Our SMS Services

Let us now give you a brief insight into some of the features of our products that we provide as Bulk SMS provider in Mumbai.

  1. SMS delivery over all mobile networks.
  2. As leading Bulk SMS Reseller in India we offer uninterrupted supply with 99% uptime.
  3. For high volume needs utilization of dedicated SMS bandwidth.
  4. Complete security for database client provides.
  5. Affordable pricing providing you best return on investment (ROI).
  6. Speed for sending SMS can be controlled allowing you to send about 25,000 message / minute.

Try our services now! Logon Utility


I used Logon Utilitys Bulk SMS service to promote business as well as handle patient transactions and I am very satisfied with their service. Our business has grown two-fold since the start of the campaign. The customer service team at Logon Utility Office is very friendly, supportive and professional. I enjoy doing business with them and would whole-heartedly recommend every business to associate with them.

We are a growing company and it is essential to the survival of our business to keep in touch with our customers. I can proudly say that we have been quite successful to that end largely owing to the great service provided by Logon Utility Office. Our partnership in this endeavor has opened up new avenues for our business and I am very happy to associate with a business of such high quality. It is my hope that our partnership will keep growing stronger and enable us to use this synergy to achieve greater heights.

We have leased the services of Logon Utility Office since inception and we have reaped tremendous benefits. The services of LUO are both affordable and high-quality. LUO has very high standards of operation and they have always succeeded in meeting our high demands. The services of LUO are best in the industry in terms of cost as well as scalability. Also, the transparency of their operation is always appreciated.

The core of our operation involves reaching out to our customers with up-to-date promotions available and Logon Utility Office has enabled us to succeed immensely in that regard. I would like to thank Logon Utility Office for making it so easy for me to keep in touch with my customers with latest promotions. There is customer support for every little problem that needs to be solved. In my experience, the service of Logon Utility Office has always been prompt and high-quality

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