How Bulk SMS Service Can Help For Traffic Alert

In cities across India, the mobile phone has become a common vital personal accessory. While the internet age and smart phones and tablets have brought in a new era of mobile phone usage; there are still certain marketing advantages of older technology like bulk SMS.
In Jaipur, or such smaller cities, a number of companies, enterprises and businesses reach out to local clientele using services like mass mailing and bulk SMS. In Jaipur especially, even certain government offices use such mass publicity and information systems to reach out to the city at large about various public factors.
The public transportation and traffic system is one of the key areas where bulk SMS (in Jaipur or other smaller cities around India) greatly become a vital public utility service! Here is how –

(a)Diversions, One Ways, and Re-Directions in Traffic
The traffic system is most complicated in India with one-ways, diversions, and single lanes which may be placed in a matter of hours due to a variety of reasons. This could mean public road works, or even associated works like electricity or water mains which could require diversion of traffic. In situations like this, the public can be informed in masses using bulk SMS. In Jaipur, the city planning and municipality services usually use such mass information systems to keep the public aware of traffic and road conditions!

(b) Emergencies and Special Requirements
Ranging from the visit of a minister or national guest, to various ceremonies or occasions; Indian cities can suddenly see major traffic disruptions that the public need to be made aware of! Apart from these special requirements, even emergencies like an accident on a major road may cause the traffic of the entire city to face problems. In such situations, the police and traffic authorities often use bulk SMS. In Jaipur, millions of people can be informed of an expected traffic disruption or accident instantly by directly messaging them on their phones.

(c) Effective Public Reach
Bulk SMS in Jaipur is the best way to reach out to people with smart phones as well as old school phones without the internet. Though a large percentage of mobile phone users today use smart devices with the latest internet connectivity bandwidth, bulk SMSs are text messages which can effectively reach out to all phone numbers listed within a circle! However, it is important for the government authorities to find a reliable service provider with the right database of personal contact numbers of people.


Benefits of Bulk SMS in Hospitality & Tourism

With the advancement of technology, new innovations are continuously introduced in the market that helps us to remain updated about the current events happening in the world. One such alluring invention is mobile phone that is used by more than 4 billion people across the globe, Bulk SMS service was discovered to seek attention of clients. As the industries are increasing at a fast pace, this messaging technique can be very helpful in reaching potential clients.

Bulk SMS strategy is an inexpensive means of communication that is widely used in Tourism and hospitality business. Bulk SMS service allows resorts and hotels to endorse their brand by sending important information to their potential clients. Group SMS services are cost effective and leave an overwhelming impact on the customers.

Below are some benefits of Bulk SMS service in Hospitality and Tourism:

Helps in attaining Business Success
To achieve business goals, SMS marketing technique is an effective tool to promote Hotel industry activities. From guest reservation to check out procedure, complete information can be provided with the help of SMS. Bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai offers multiple advantages like control over advertising budget, response and time management.

Promotions- Discounts and Offers
Reputed bulk SMS service providers send broadcasting resort and hotel packages and accommodation details to the customers. They also send appropriate information about special excursion and travel itinerary, room availability service, discount coupons, festive offers and service inquiries. Simply click a button and make hotel payment via online payment options.

In hotel and tourism industries, SMS services are found to be very effective for smooth functioning of the industry. Bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai assists in enhancing your brand value that in turn improves the overall business development and growth rate. This marketing technique identifies the profit strategies and customer satisfaction to provide quality services. They can provide you information about reservation confirmation, discount notification, tour plan confirmation and hotel booking confirmation on your mobile phone. Now, you don’t need to run hotel every time for information; enjoy on the phone services.

Gain Customer’s trust
SMS services help in clearing queries and confusion of potential customers that result in establishing good relations with them. Feedbacks help in attaining valuable insight to gain benefit in your business. Bulk SMS leaves an over-lasting impression on the clients and help in maintaining good relations in the tourism industry.

All over the Country
One of the biggest advantages of Bulk SMS strategy is that you can send messages nationally in all states of the country. That’s how you can publicize your hospitality and tourism business to 1000’s of customers at the same time. Sending appropriate information at correct time will help in attracting huge clients towards your services. One should send unique services to the consumers with highlighted fonts so that they will prefer you on their next excursion.

If you are also planning to promote your hospitality and tourism business through Bulk SMS services then, hire LogOn Utility. The expert marketing team will help you in turning your business into a brand. The quality services and reasonable prices make them worth trying. Hire them and enjoy!

5 Innovative ways businesses are using bulk SMS messaging

Do you feel bothered when you receive a promotional SMS asking you to purchase something? On the other hand, do you feel excited when you see something out-of-the-box in your message box? Since SMS marketing has remained in the industry for a long time, message recipients have become smarter than ever. They have become selective, and they do not like receiving irrelevant messages asking them to buy something.

This is where businesses should think about reconstructing their SMS marketing strategies, and hiring a bulk SMS company in Delhi can be the first step. The old-fashioned techniques will no longer work. Now it’s the time when they should think about something innovative, something out-of-the-box. And some iconic businesses have already started doing that, and they are already recording greater response than those stuck with the old-fashioned methods.

Here are 5 innovative ways businesses are using bulk SMS messaging and leveraging the immense benefits:

1. Event Notifications:
If you receive a message all of a sudden suggesting you about a happening event going to take place in your city in next week, you are sure to check the details. A study proves that messages with event notifications have more interaction rate than general bulk messages. Also, it has been revealed that SMSs have higher success rate than emails when it comes to promote an event. The reason is simple – people love checking out something else than their work on-the-go, and event notification messages can be something worth checking out.

2. SMS Polling:
Gone are the days when you had to ask people to press 1 or 2 to provide their feedback on mobile phones. Today’s mobile phones are smart enough to work as a personal computer. In such, you have the access to conduct a poll through messaging, and your readers are free to give their feedback by clicking the URL you provide. This way, seeking the valuable suggestions of your recipients can be a good way to seek their engagement through messaging.

3. Helping People:
If you don’t know how bulk SMS company in Delhi can help people, you have a lot to learn. With an offline community of millions of people willing to help others with anything they can offer, all it takes is a simple message sent to them to seek their help. For instance, bulk messaging can be used in field of education where students may spread the words through bulk messages, or institutes may distribute important notifications in one click. Many more ways and usage are there in which bulk SMS can help people.
There are many NGOs who use bulk messaging to collect food, donation or books from donors. Whenever they feel any such requirement, they simply shoot a message and more often than not,
they get the necessary help.

4. Saving Lives:
Similar to point-3, bulk messaging may also save lives. Take a real life example – someone needs blood, and asking for help is going to take some time. There are always people in a city who have a community or group of blood donors. A simple message to these people may provide the necessary aid within minutes, saving a valuable life.

5. Optimizing Email Marketing:

Email marketing and SMS marketing works hand-in-hand, and combining these two marketing strategies bring impressive results. Despite of the fact that a large number of people access their email accounts through their mobile phones, there are millions of people who do not have this access. For such people, shooting a message to notify them about your recent email may increase the effectiveness of your email marketing. people when get a notification about an email they have received, they generally prefer checking out the email. What else do you expect?
There can be many more ways by which businesses are hiring bulk SMS company in Delhi to make this world a better place to live in. all it takes is a bit of innovation and creativity to leverage the benefits.


Bulk SMS Marketing Vendors in Mumbai

Bulk SMS Marketing Vendors have changed the marketing/ advertising  standards.

Bulk SMS Marketing Vendors have changed the marketing/ advertising  standards.

Not many years ago, schools, colleges, companies sent newletters, circulars or notices to parents or customers. To inform or remind them about meetings, events etc. But now with Bulk SMS Marketing vendors they can now be informed directly through SMS.

In todays tumultuous world where the prices are touching the skies, Bulk SMS marketing vendors are a big relief. Where companies are trying to reduce their marketing budgets and cut costs Bulk SMS marketing can be of great help.

Companies can go for a fast and highly cost effective tool for marketing called “Bulk SMS Marketing”.  With the help of Bulk SMS Marketing Vendors one can send the same message to Lakhs of customers at a stretch without copying it again and by just clicking one button.

This will help the clients by:

·      Customized messaging application

·      Secured access within infrastructure

·      Advanced delivery mechanism (scheduling, retry SMS etc.)

·      Multiple interface support

·      Sender ID masking

Why we use online Bulk SMS Marketing Vendors if we use your mobile phone to send sms?

Sending bulk sms messages through mobiles have many problems, they are not cost effective, typing messages on mobile is time consuming process, selecting recipient is also difficult. Since they are targeting a large volume of people, hence they need a software that can send sms to many people. They require a tool which is able to send messages in bulk and in this way help them to promote their product and save their costs and time. Bulk SMS is sending or receiving messages in large volume i.e. sms in bulk.

The benefit of bulk sms messaging is that one single sms can be sent to a group in a single shot and in very short time (in minutes only). Due to its low cost, the trend of bulk sms messaging in India is increasing and so is the bulk sms marketing vendors in mumbai. There are some services available which allow sending free sms in India. These services also offer group sms services in which a single message can be sent to a group at a time.