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WHAT IS BULK SMS marketing?

Bulk SMS is often used by Big & small business owners, e-commerce industry, media Companies, Banks for Alerts, Marketing and Fraud control alerts, Reminders, Marketing of products and services. It’s also commonly used between staffs of company or bank and their clients. One advantage of Bulk Messaging is that it delivers your message directly to the mobile handsets anywhere around Globe. Bulk Message is used to send Promotional Messages of your “Products & Services” and Transactional Messages are used to send Alerts, Reminders & Follow-up.

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Bulk Sms is a great marketing technique that assists organizations by sending transactional and promotional text messages to their target audience using the best bulk SMS service provider. It is widely used by many sectors such as Banks, Investment companies, Insurance Company, Mutual fund agencies, Stock exchanging firms, etc. SMS is a very simple technique to integrate with your existing system, making it the perfect choice for sorts of companies.

Here’s the deal :

Bulk SMS service

In this digital world, while exploring on the internet, we got the names of many Bulk SMS service providers and picked up one randomly, hence disappointments. To get the best Bulk SMS service provider is a somehow daunting task. But today, this barrier will be overcome by the Logon Utility. It is an IT company that has a robust SMS reseller network of 1200+ and handling over 15000+ clients in India.

Utility’s success is entirely shown on an official website logonutility.com where you can look at our the best setup, services, infrastructure, veteran professionals as well. With our highly trained and experienced team, you can get a one-stop solution for all your cheap Bulk SMS services. In brief, whatever the size and deadline of your project, we can handle it like no one else.

You might be wondering

How logon utility helps to achieve your business goals in excellent way?

  • Logon Utility has a Bulk SMS gateway that pushes the simple message to mobile phones. In other words, we have an effective tool that sends the Bulk SMS through the internet to the people on the handheld device. We have a capability to upload Notepad file, and Excel sheet to send wide messages by pressing some keys on our keyboards.
  • Because of the increasing use of mobile phones, the usage of SMS has increased a lot, which only can assist your company to reach a large volume of audience. Logon Utility is a leading bulk SMS service provider who can help you advertise your product and services from the beginning to the end.
  • For high volume needs utilization of dedicated SMS bandwidth.No technical knowledge is required to use our premium bulk SMS service. Even a layman can able to follow us while attaining our services. In brief, we have experienced staff which can handle all levels of customers and enterprises.
  • We are the perfect among others because we ensure our clients the opportunity of controlling the rate at which SMS is to be sent. Also establish their own schedule to forward those messages as well. The innovation system in the Logon Utility allows to filter and segregate DND data to adhere registry rules and guidelines.
  • Logon utility have free Bulk SMS credits for first time signup clients so visit our contact page and fill inquiry form to get more benefits. During sign up a question come in mind that “ How to send Bulk SMS ” than we also have complete information available on website.Send Bulk text messages online and also know what is SMS messaging.

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Some Notable features in addition of Logon Utility Bulk SMS services 

  • We deliver the Bulk SMS across all mobile networks.
  • Logon Utility ensure uninterrupted bulk SMS services with 99.9 uptime.
  • We have economical packages or reasonable Bulk SMS price that lead our customers to fetch the best return on investment.
  • Our support are active all time means our services will never let you feel a downtime.

In conclusion or a nutshell, the Logon Utility services are designed to make the best only by promoting and popularizing the customers’ brand, products, and services using send SMS. Read More

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Types of Bulk SMS

Bulk Messaging is the specific way of sending promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, Business SMS & International SMS through bulk messaging software. Web based software is needed to send lacks of messages at a time. There are various packages, units available to use Bulk SMS Service for the better prospects of any company or organization

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Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS Service

One of the other ways to send bulk SMS is to send transactional SMS. This type of template is used when you give customers their login details. You could also use this to give your customers particular information.For example- if you are a university and would like to send messages to the parents of your students about their marks, you could make a basic template that you could use time and again.Benefits of transactional SMS is that they offer speedy delivery and go with a sender ID.

Promotional SMS Service

Bulk SMS is widely used for promotional services. It is known as a very important marketing tool. You can come up with a new offer for your store and inform your customers about the same in just a matter of minutes. SMS service is very useful for updating your customers about different information related to your business. You could use this platform to entice your customers and get them to do more business with you. This is one of the very important ways of sending bulk SMS. Benefits of promotional SMS are that it is cost effective and businesses can get quick responses from their customers.

Promotional SMS
Bulk SMS service

Branding SMS

Branding bulk sms is one of the cheapest marketing solutions that is available in the market. You can create awareness about your brand, product or any offer in a second with a single click. With SMS marketing, You can also send your clients new offers, new products or any events right away. Logon SMS offers you promotional SMS that can be used for Brand Promotion.You can send Promotional sms with your brand name and thus ths will lead to create a better awareness of product in selected market.

What makes Logon Utility stand out?

Logon Utility is a well-equipped IT company offering an affordable bulk SMS reseller service for a long time. Having an appreciable experience and intelligence engineers, we designed messaging panel with all sorts of services under one roof. You just need to send or receive SMS from our virtually hosted numbers, send automated feedbacks as well. Our cheap rated bulk SMS reseller software is considered as a user-friendly means you can process applications within some minutes. Literally, a look at our sample files will permit to grab all process appropriately. Visit us online and choose suitable SMS reseller packages for you business.

If you are still confused and let you know more about the usage of a bulk SMS reseller service then read more….

Sending bulk SMS through Logon Utility Sending bulk SMS without Logon Utility
Fast account activation within some minutes It takes few hours to get activated
Instant sender ID activation It takes a few days to get ID activation
Easy to understand and quick process of signing up It has complicated and confusing signing up process
A user-friendly white label bulk SMS reseller panel. It means no technical qualification is required for setting and running Technical knowledge is required almost at every step
No setup cost, hence affordable bulk SMS reseller 24/7 customer support available in all types of packages If provided at an economical cost, hence interrupted or no delivery of bulk SMS
24/7 customer support available in all types of packages No full day support is available
Bulk customers are welcome and handle anytime Handling of bulk customers becomes confusing

Avail our bulk SMS services now

In this technological era, every person keeps himself busy to stay in touch with mobile phones. The usage of these wireless phones has been hiking up at very high speed. In fact, it is considered as the best source to convey information for advertising.|

Are you ever wondered how business owners promote their new products easily and quickly? The text messaging is a technique used by them to introduce their new products to a least 800 mobile networks at once. It is a perfect track to follow as you can send information to numerous people by just pressing some buttons.  However, it is quite possible to send Bulk SMS within a few minutes.

The Logon Utility is a prominent leader offering the effective enterprise SMS solution which would endow you to leave behind your worries of exorbitant charges on sending SMS.At Logon Utility, you will experience SMS marketing which would raise your business within a short interval of time.

Why does the bulk SMS service exist?

This text message marketing is a great technique that aids the organizations to send promotional, transaction messages as well to their customers.

As per the reviews of the prominent businessmen, advertisement of product and services by using the messaging service is an ideal step. It is a cost-effective method which sends SMS to multiple users with the extremely user-friendly interface. Using this mobile marketing promises instant delivery of messages at the cheapest prices.

To whom bulk SMS service will benefit?

This bulk SMS message service benefits from the small as well as big business owners, media Companies, e-commerce industry, Marketing and Fraud control alerts, Reminders, Banks for Alerts, Marketing of products and services.It is usually used by employers of company or bank and their customers. These shortcodes deliver your message directly to the mobile phones anywhere around the world. Furthermore, you can choose between two Promotional messages and Transactional messages in which the first one is used for marketing of your products and services and another is used to send reminders, alerts, and follow-up.

It is immensely used by numerous sectors such as Insurance companies, Stock exchanging firms, educational institutions, Investment companies, Stock exchanging firms, Banks, Mutual fund agencies, and more. In brief, this mass text messaging is a very straightforward technique to integrate your existing system in order to introduce your new products and services.

Getting confused? Where to avail bulk SMS services?

In this era of technology, surfing the web to determine any service is the best track to follow. However, sometimes you want to determine the exact name which will give a worthwhile result only. To determine the best bulk SMS service provider directly turns your way to Logon Utility. It is an IT company that has a robust SMS reseller network of 1200+ and handling over 15000+ clients in India.

To grab more information about our sending SMS online services, you can access our official website logonutility.com where you can access about API integration, bulk SMS software, SMS alerts and much more. You can access our setup, infrastructure, different bulk SMS service, veteran staff as well. We have proud of our capable experienced professionals that they will ensure you one-stop solution bulk message services. In brief, whatever the size of your query, we have resources to handle as per the deadlines.

Let’s move ahead and see how Logon Utility can assist you through its text messaging services :

      • LogonUtility is a great SMS marketing campaign that forward your simple message to the audience’s mobile phones. In simple words, we have equipped with worthwhile tools that have potential to send mass text messaging through the internet to the people on the handheld device.  We have potential to upload Excel sheet, Notepad file, and other applications required to send text message by pressing some keys on our keyboards.
      • LogonUtility has bulk free SMS credits for the first time signup customers. It’s a great opportunity for the first time users. To grab more details about this free service, please visit our contact page and fill inquiry form to get more benefits.
      •  Due to the fact that the usage of mobile phones has been hiking up quickly, it means that bulk SMS marketing will aid your company to drag the high volume of the audience within a short period of time. LogonUtility offers you a bulk SMS software that will endow you to advertise your product and services from the beginning to the end.
      • We have proud of being perfect as we endow our customers the chance of controlling the rate at which they are going to send the free SMS. They can endow to establish their own schedule for sending such SMS as well. Moreover, we have an up-to-date software that would endow you to filter and segregate DND data to adhere registry rules and guidelines.
      •  Apart from these SMS services, you are appreciated to use two-way SMS, group SMS as well. This would endow you to communicate with your customers regarding their queries, returns etc.
      • You are endowed to use high volume utilization of dedicated SMS bandwidth while sending bulk SMS message.Moreover, no technical coding or experience is required to use our bulk SMS service. In brief, even a layman can able to follow up API integration bulk SMS system once grabbed little knowledge.

Why grab our hands?

There are several reasons to explain that we are perfect to send SMS online, however, the best part of us to shown below :

    • We have potential to deliver the bulk SMS across all mobile networks to the worldwide within no time.
    • We endow uninterrupted send text message services with 99.9 uptime.
    • We are alerted all the time, means you will never experience any downtime while sending business SMS, promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, etc.

In a nutshell, the LogonUtility bulk SMS service is designed only for promoting and advertising the customers’ brand, products, and services by just sending the shortcodes.