Bulk SMS Services in Pune

Bulk SMS

According to recent statistics the use of mobile phones is increasing at a fast rate and this gives you the opportunity to use SMS as a marketing medium for contacting your targeted audience and delivering the desired message.

Our Bulk SMS Services

If you are looking for bulk sms service provider in Pune then you are at the right place since we have been providing these services for several years.

The benefit of selecting us is that we let you decide the schedule for delivering SMS messages and also the rate at which those messages are to be sent.

In addition to it, our software also easily filters off DND data as per guidelines provided by TRAI and the regulation specified in NCCP registry.

Characteristics of Our SMS Service

As bulk sms reseller in India we provide promotional and transactional SMS gateway that can be utilized as per business needs you have. Few of the other characteristics of our service include:

  • 99% uptime and optimum loan balancing.
  • Long SMS provision to send messages that are 160 characters or more.
  • Supports delivery of messages in most mobile networks in the country.
  • 24/7 support, dedicated SMS bandwidth, possibility of send as many as 25,000 SMS every minute.

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