Bulk SMS Company in Delhi

Bulk SMS

Use of mobile phone is increasing at a fast pace and is reaching remotest of locations in the country. As such SMS marketing is one of the most feasible and effective marketing avenues every business should look into. According to marketing experts it is one of the best ways of delivering your message to your audience.

What is the benefit of using our Bulk SMS Services?

The reason we are considered to be most reliable bulk sms service provider in Delhi is that we have several years of industry experience and can best serve customer needs.

Another unique thing about our service is that we let our customers decide the speed at which they want the message to be delivered and also the schedule that is to be set for the same.

Furthermore, we make sure TRAI guidelines are followed in terms of DND data as also the NCCP registry guidelines. This ensures that SMS sending is performed adhering to statutory regulations.

How we are different?

As leading bulk sms reseller in India we have the infrastructure to:

  • Provide customers with transactional as well as promotional gateway.
  • Offer ideal load balancing as well as 99% uptime.
  • Deliver SMS over all mobile networks operating within the country.
  • Send message which are more that standard 160 characters.
  • Provide dedicated SMS bandwidth.

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