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99% Uptime | Fast Message Delivery | Dedicated Bandwidth

In the last few years India use of mobile phones has increased quite sharply and the country in now second after China in the world in terms of number of mobile phones sold annually. Such growing user base of mobile phone users has created an excellent marketing opportunity for companies in the form of SMS marketing.

We as bulk SMS service provider in Chennai are quite aware of this fact and as such offer this service to businesses in India.

Reasons to Use Our Service

As SMS service provider as well as bulk SMS reseller in India we have the required knowledge and technical expertise to meet any type of requirement you may have.

Another benefit for you by using our services is that we allow you the freedom to set the schedule for SMS delivery and also fix the speed at which messages are to be sent.

Last but not the least, we make sure TRAI and NCCP regulations are followed in terms of DND data so that statutory guidelines are not violated.

What sets us apart?

As a well known bulk SMS service provider in Chennai we provide you with unique facilities like:

  1. Promotional and transactional gateway.
  2. Option of dedicated bandwidth for sending SMS.
  3. Optimum load balancing and 99% server uptime.
  4. SMS delivery over all major mobile networks.
  5. Possibility of sending long SMS of more than 160 characters.