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How Bulk SMS Service Makes Difference in Business?

The competitive world is making every industry and business revamp their strategies over the period of time. One cannot disconnect itself from the technological changes which are occurring in the external environment. There are three critical points which will lure a business towards selecting Bulk sms as the most feasible option: Target audience For any […]

How Business Can Take Advantage of SMS Service?

The benefits of bulk SMS service are unlimited, but when it comes to business promotion, they are uncountable. There are hundreds of ways by which a business may leverage the immense potential of SMS service. They may use it to promote their products or services, or may notify their potential customers about anything happening in […]

Bulk SMS – BEST way to promote your business.

If bulk SMS is not a part of your marketing strategy, you are missing a lot. With over half the world’s population equipped with a mobile phone, a bulk SMS service provider may give your business huge potential. All it takes is a winning strategy to connect with these billions of people, and asking them […]

5 Innovative ways businesses are using bulk SMS messaging

Do you feel bothered when you receive a promotional SMS asking you to purchase something? On the other hand, do you feel excited when you see something out-of-the-box in your message box? Since Bulk SMS marketing has remained in the industry for a long time, message recipients have become smarter than ever. They have become […]

4 Ways to Use SMS Marketing for Your Upcoming Event

Recently, a client of mine asked me to suggest the best marketing strategy, and upon suggesting SMS marketing, his words were – No, no one likes to read SMS anymore. Apparently, what he thought about SMS marketing is just a concept of sending promotional messages to someone’s mobile phone. While he is right at a […]

Top 7 benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing in Real Estate

It does not matter whether you are a property manager or an agent, the best way to lure audience towards your services and property is mobile SMS marketing. Social media provide us ample of options to promote any business like, email, Facebook and e-commercials. But, one of the most effective ways to seek attention of […]

Bulk SMS Service Paving its Way for Courier and Logistic Sectors

Couriers and logistics sectors have become one of premier services of today’s time. When we talk about commercial business, the services of logistics have been very significant when it comes to delivering goods at a decided time. As we know that almost all the industries are adopting industrialization in today’s time and this is the […]

How Bulk SMS Is Revolutionising the Travel Industry

Mobile phones are an integral part of life in the modern times and it is observed that people across ages use the device to be able to keep in easy touch with all their acquaintances. The increased use and popularity of mobile phones has also had an extremely positive impact on a lot of industries […]